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57 Law of Attraction Tips To Create Abundance In Your Life And Business

Discover The Subconscious Secret… If you get one thing out of this blog post, get that manifesting abundance does not have to be hard. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as you’ll soon discover. Over the last 25 years, ever since I read “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, I have been a passionate student of the art, and some would say science, of Abundance. With often miraculous results.

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Be Your Best

Here’s an interesting fact that relates very closely to the topic of Law of Attraction—and using the power of your mind to always do (and be) your best. When I was in the Cub Scouts I was a somewhat “difficult” child for the cub leaders. Luckily my Dad ran the cubs soccer team. (I think that’s why I was never thrown out). Every week they made us swear to “Do our best”.

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Transformation within 24 hours

I feel different to how I felt yesterday. Maybe it was the new brand of tea I drank? Or I guess I could have just had a good night’s sleep. But either way, I feel much refreshed… My eyes are a little more wide open and I’m sure something big and exciting is going to happen today. Did you ever wake up feeling that way? Reborn almost… Isn’t it an awesome thing… to have your eyes wide open and full of possibility?

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The calm after the storm

People talk about the calm before the storm… But let’s be honest, everything happens in cycles. “The chicken and the egg” could just as easily be thought of as “the egg and the chicken”. It’s called “reversing the polarity”. So if things are getting on top of you right now. Or if you’re in a place of stress or overwhelm… Don’t worry… Because it’s the storm before the calm.

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2 different (and critical) kinds of emotions

Do you ever notice how people get totally stuck in life? Permanently camped out at this invisible crossroads. Not sure where to go or even which way to face… Well there’s a strange little secret about emotion and energy which is priceless to you when you fully grasp it… It’s a distinction which I believe will switch on floodlight sized lightbulbs in your consciousness. In fact, it’s that very difference between the switch and the bulb that I’m describing here.

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Your Destiny Awaits

It’s time to join some dots here… Your source code IS the path to your destiny Sometimes it’s hard, getting it all to work and come together (But you can make it much easier) I’ll give you an example of each of the above… If you came into this world with an inquisitive nature then your destiny must be connected to your natural energy. i.e. being inquisitive.

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5 Simple Questions To Unleash Your Source Code

Muhammad Ali was generally accepted as being the greatest. But how? And what? And why? When he met the Beatles he admitted that, in fact, THEY were the greatest. “But he smiled and declared… I’m DEFINITELY still the prettiest!” The moral? You have to have a back up plan. Also, whatever your source code, your energy has to be flexible. This allows your ideas and your actions to flow like water.

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The biggest mistake

“Focus on signal over noise” Elon Musk’s answer has always been “Work Harder”. He used to party hard too. But that appears to have all but stopped. He says he’s now working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and sleeping under his desk. Is this the answer? Business-wise… Relationships-wise… Health-wise… even spiritually-wise… I’m VERY dubious. It’s easy to think that working harder will get you out of troubled waters.

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What is your source code? Clue: It shows up in “moments”

In the original movie of Peter Pan there’s a really special source code moment. The grumpy old dad hears the name “Peter Pan” and something stirs in him. His eyes look upwards and start to glaze… Some memory from long ago? For a moment he is lost. He is somewhere else entirely. He smiles. He is deep in a meditation of happy, childhood bliss. For one moment we get to see, or certainly to feel and sense, EXACTLY who he is.

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Your Journey - Your Rules

Every so often someone in this Facebook group decides to start a post about politics. I delete their post and tell them it’s not ok. If they carry on, they’re removed from the group. Because each and every one of us really does get to make our own rules. If you want to be happy, simply choose to be happy. And declare it as a fact.  » Enjoy reading this post?

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It’s not selfish… It’s beautiful and it’s an awesome thing to do!

Putting others needs ahead of your own isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes it is but sometimes it’s simply a demonstration of undervaluing yourself. “Undervalue” is an energy - a frequency - a signal… It begets low value results. Maybe try lifting your beliefs in yourself and your potential greatness. Do something amazing for yourself and for your benefit. This would no doubt attract powerful results?  » Enjoy reading this post?

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