The king of Liverpool.......

The king of Liverpool
This is the story of two men…

The first man was called Alan Caldwell. He was born in Liverpool just before the second world war.

He had a very ordinary life as a child.

Alan had a severe stutter. As I say, he was an ordinary sort of a guy from Liverpool.

Due to his stutter, his friends wouldn’t let him tell stories and jokes because he “took too long”.

Chances are you would never have heard of him.


When Alan stepped onto the stage and sang he became man number 2.

Welcome to Rory Storm. Also known popularly as “The King of Liverpool”

Rory Storm (Alan’s stage persona) has the booming voice of an angel. And on stage as “Rory” the stutter and the uncertainty simply vanished.

As they say, “All the girls loved him.

All the boys wanted to be him”. In Liverpool, his band were more famous than the Beatles. And for a long time, The Beatles looked up to them as the level to aspire to.

Alan eventually changed his name to Rory Storm because he enjoyed being that version of himself so much more.

What I get from the story is this.

We all have 2 versions of ourself. One that is a bit shy, uncertain, even scared.

But we all have this giant…this genius…amazing and abundant version that we can be if we choose to.

And ever day we choose which of the two vibrations to tune into…

So how about you?

Are you mostly choosing to live in the unsure, the uncertain, the doubting, the worrying version of yourself?

Or do you prefer to step into your abundant, almost superstar persona where you become everything you want to be in life?

Because honestly, that is the place where the light shines. That’s the place where you get to genuinely attract the joy and the bliss out of everyday life.

And more importantly, when you can stay in that vibration day after day, effortlessly!

That is simply precious. And that life. ie. being the best version of yourself where you become the King or Queen of your personal universe…

THAT is the life you deserve. 101%.

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