Thoughts move in a direction

Lying on a beach somewhere
Our thoughts definitely are “direction based”.

For instance if I think about a certain type of delicious food, my feet are likely to start moving towards then fridge.

Therefore, common sense dictates we spend a LOT of time trying to get our thoughts to “work better”.

In the hope that we will then “feel and act better”.

But what if that theory is upside down and back to front?

Many people promote “the power of positive thinking”. But what if positive thinking is just a symptom of a different kind of power?

What if, in fact, our feelings and energy, our actions and physical intentions are actually in charge of the process?

In which case, the happier, more positive and useful thoughts are a symptom and not the cause.

If this is true then it’s necessary to upgrade your energy in order to upgrade your mind and NOT the other way around.

Turns things upside down slightly doesn’t it?

Ed Lester
Transformational Coach

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