Be the bird!

Lying on a beach somewhere
Every morning I feed my dog Chance. He has 10 dog biscuits.

As soon as the biscuits hit the metal bowl, Chance’s special friend “Bird” is alerted and comes hopping over.

Chance is happy to share his breakfast with Bird. He hardly notices. In fact, Bird only eats approximately 1/20th of a dog biscuit.

We can all learn a lot from Bird.


Because she happily eats her morsel and then hops off and gets on with the next thing. Whatever that is? Building a nest or something like that I guess.

She doesn’t gaze at Chance’s bowl and say to herself:

“I wish I had all 10 biscuits”

And she doesn’t look over at me in the hammock watching and say:

“Why can’t I have a shiny new hammock like Ed”

The point is we all spend a lot of time fixating on the big things that we don’t have. And that can be great. Big dreams are exciting and sometimes very motivating.

However, in the short term, when you focus like a laser on the thing you need to accomplish right now. i.e. the next step on your path…

Great things happen.

It might not be a dog biscuit that’s going to do it for you. But what about one client. Or one chapter of your book. Or a conversation you know needs to take place.

Don’t forget…

Be the bird!

Ed Lester
Transformational Coach

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