About Ed Lester and Transformational Coach

Ed Lester - Founder of Transformational Coach

Welcome to Transformational Coach, where we believe in a world where every person should celebrate their unique, amazing gifts and unlimited potential.

Our approach unlocks extraordinary potential in coaches and other professional agents of change.

Our founder, Ed Lester, started Transformational Coach with a mission to challenge the status quo of “deficit theorizing”. He grew up in a world obsessed with “working on weaknesses”, giving children negative labels and installing feelings of lack, self doubt in them.

In 1985, he had a chance encounter with a hypnotherapist in his home town of Swindon, England. This life-changing meeting sent him on the path to discovering the secret of our subconscious source code.

As a result his goal has become to help people discover their hidden gifts and passions. With over 25 years of experience as a coach, mentor, and entrepreneur, Ed has helped thousands of people around the world to break through their limiting beliefs, overcome their fears, and achieve their goals.

At Transformational Coach we believe in the unlimited power and magic of the coaching process…

We believe in a world in which low self esteem and negative self image become things of the past…

At Transformational Coach, we believe in a holistic approach to coaching that focuses on the whole person (specifically their unique personal power and gifts) and not just their problems.

Our groundbreaking methodology is designed to help coaches and their clients tap into their inner abundance and unlock their full potential in all areas of their lives.

If you’re ready to discover how to find your niche, attract high-quality clients, build a powerful personal brand, and much more then you’ll love what we have to offer.

Even more than that, you’ll learn how to harness the power of abundance to create a life and business that’s truly fulfilling.

We’re committed to helping you create the life, business and future you were meant to live through offering a range of additional resources and gifts, as well as truly world-class training courses, and workshops.

So if you’re ready to break free from the constraints of negative labels and limits and start living an extraordinary life of freedom and abundance then feel free to spend some time on this website.

Also be sure to click here and download our free breakthrough report…