Reverse Engineer Yourself (The singing birds)

Reverse Engineer Yourself

Every day, as humans, we achieve things.

The problem is we don’t always get what we want.

For instance, zoom into a picture of the last 24 hours.

What was the result of your days efforts and journey?

Was it perfect? Good? So-So? Disappointing?

Now zoom out to a picture of the last 12 months…

Same thing. What did you do since this time last year? What did you get? Are you pleased with the results and the things that surround you? Or could it have been umm…”a bit better”?

For me, I love listening to the birds singing every morning.

Now you can describe birdsong in terms of overall noise. Which creates general fuzzy pictures in your mind.

Or you can be like the bird expert and pick out individual sounds.

For instance, if you live in America or Europe you might say “That sounds like a robin” which gives you a a clear and immediate mental picture of a cute little bird with a red breast.

Same principle in your life…

Rather than looking back and hearing a confusing mass of mental noise…

Why not focus on the things that worked well for you. The lessons from your own story. If those ideas or actions worked well before, maybe they can be winners for you again?

Maybe spend more time reverse engineering yourself and your previous victories (big or small)?

Hearing the individual, beautiful birds rather than just getting lost in the overall noise :)

Ed Lester
Transformational Coach

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