The Energy Crossroads

The Energy Crossroads
When I was a kid, I heard scary bone-chilling stories about people who went down to the crossroads and sold their soul to the devil in return for fame and fortune.

The most famous of these myths involved Robert Johnson, the legendary blues guitarist.

But why would someone do this?

I mean, if it was me, I’d go down to an energy crossroads and do a deal with the universe.

Everything would be filled with love, kindness and positive intentions.

I’d dedicate myself to love and high vibrational creativity. To the philosophy of Abundance.

What about you. If you made a deal where you promised to share your gift and your message of love and possibilities with the world. And if you promised to heal or inspire or elevate others…

In return, don’t you think the benevolent and loving universe would give you everything you ever wanted?

Personally I believe that deal is on the table and will constantly remain on the table. So long as you’re prepared to pick it up and run with it.

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