If you’re reading this you already understand how The Law of Attraction works. In fact you’ve probably already been using my programs and ideas to effect positive change and breakthroughs.

If so you already know that the Law of Attraction is, in fact, not something that you MAKE work. It’s something you ALLOW to work. And you do that through reprogramming your mindset and learning to master the art of positive energy and manifestation.

The next thing for you to focus on if you want to make your results consistent and more extraordinary every day is this simple 7 Step Process.

Think of this ongoing “Abundance Path” as being like a winding staircase that leads you up where you are now up to where you want to be.

Every time you complete the 7 Steps, you rise to the next level of personal abundance. Soon you’re living in a higher dimensional place than you ever have before.

And each time you ascend through the 7 Steps you feel stronger, more powerful and more fulfilled.

The sooner you embrace this 7 Step path to success, the sooner you’ll manifest true freedom and the life of your dreams.

Step 1. Get crystal clear about what you want and what you need to do…

Most of my students struggle badly in the area of clarity.

It leads to great frustration and even overwhelm.

When people aren’t clear on where they’re going and what steps to take, it often causes mistakes and even procrastination.

When clarity becomes as easy as breathing, everything changes.

What’s going to happen now is you’re going to start achieving exciting “micro-goals” every single day…

Whether it’s financial goals…relationship goals…life goals…

Once you have more clarity and simplicity in your life you’ll finally banish the demon of confusion (which will always sabotage your efforts and cause you to freeze and feel constantly stuck).

Having clear goals and focus…

Having a clear compelling vision…

Having a clear path in your life–with mini-wins that you attract every single day…

All of this increases your confidence and lifts you to the next level.

Every time you achieve a breakthrough, your overall belief in your abilities will increase and stretch. You’ll soon be able to overcome all fears and start moving forward consistently.

Step 2. Use the principle of “Source Code” to increase your self-confidence and sense of self-value to a supremely high level

Embracing source code and the philosophy of ELEVATION will allow you to remove the demons of self-doubt and limited thinking forever.

When you start to energetically elevate and see the priceless unique value in yourself and others, you’ll start to experience a new level of interconnectedness and power. You’ll be ready to finally unwrap and share your true gifts with the world.

As you discover and start to live in your true source code you’ll be crystal clear on the things that make you special and will deliver you unlimited abundance. Your source code and the skill of elevation will help you to become truly wealthy and your life magical.

Once again, you will be ready to live a more abundant life.

Step 3. Release every block and negative energy that’s been holding you back

We hang onto our baggage from the past because we’re being over-protective. Blocks protect us. Blocks are the results of scary or unpleasant events in the past and by hanging on to them, we protect ourselves from it happening again.

The negative energies which have not been serving you or were simply programmed into you by society or other people will be released forever.

The way to become truly free is to simply release all energy blocks whilst staying safe and strong. You’ll become emotionally and energetically free in a way that feels empowering and quite miraculous and enables you to move forward to manifest your goals and dreams easily.

Step 4. Give yourself full unconditional permission to live a life of abundance

You will live in the energy of knowing that you deserve an abundant life. That you’re worthy of it.

You will have a total sense of self-belief and self-worth.

This new sense of personal power overcomes the demon known as “fear of success”.

Your newfound identity as a successful, beautiful, talented being is not in conflict with you. In fact, it feels as though you discovered and unleashed the real you at last.

Once you step into your true highest power and realize you deserve abundance, and you give yourself full permission then things will start to change for you quickly and in miraculous ways.

Step 5. Start to attract bigger and bigger goals (Things you used to believe were impossible for you)

This is what happens when you start to live in an energy of constant possibilities and never-ending improvement.

This removes the demon fear of failure. The thing that sabotages our success again and again. Maybe you have at times been guilty of believing that if you set yourself an ambitious goal and you don’t achieve it straight away, then that is a failure. Less than perfect.

In abundance, we know that there’s no such thing as failure. We know that everything is just a learning opportunity, a signpost, feedback of what to change.

So by making the shift and living in the energy of “Kaizen” (also known as constant, never-ending self-improvement) you’ll start attracting and experiencing a life that most people only dream of.

This acceleration stage is critical on your path to true abundance and fulfilment.

Step 6. Enjoy playing the “game of abundance”

Abundance, and indeed, life should be fun–an amazing adventure. Perhaps in the past everything just felt hard. Impossible even.

Of course, we all have challenges and difficult days. But ultimately life should be fun and full of celebration and things to be grateful for.

The demon here could be described as “forgetfulness”. Forgetting to smile, forgetting to sing and to dance, to have fun. Forgetting to constantly see the joy and the miracles in the small things in life. When you live in this consistent and positive energy, you’ll always be led to bigger and bigger rewards.

During this stage, you’re also going to embrace more and more the idea of invisible power.

Understand there are forces out there to help you. Things that we as humans are still not ready to fully understand. But those forces exist in nature. Beautiful, benevolent, loving forces that are there to help you, to empower you, to lift and guide you whenever you need it.

Another demon that is evaporated here is that of so-called “common sense”. The idea that there’s no such thing as magic. There’s no such thing as the law of attraction or the power of the universe.

Following that limited model of thinking can totally sabotage your results in all areas. Learning to live in the quantum energy space of unlimited possibilities will take you to a sublime level of abundance mastery.

Step 7. Become self-transcendent. Start focusing more and more on the value and positive change you bring to the world.

The demon here is an internal focus. You will now stop asking yourself the question “Am I worthy” and start turning your attention to a new question…

“What idea or cause is worthy of YOU?”

Your ideas and your thinking are going to become bigger and bigger.

You’ll have a bigger vision and mission. You’ll have a clear idea of the people you want to help and serve. The work you want to do and the value that you naturally bring to the world.

Indeed how you can change the world around you and make it a better place for all by simply living your true purpose and passion. In so doing, you will become increasingly abundant, happy and fulfilled in every area of your life.