How Many Rabbits Are You Chasing?

How Many Rabbits Are You Chasing
Back in the day of Confucius, people often chased 2 rabbits. He advised them “Much better to chase just one. Because if you chase 2, you catch neither”.

Things must have been pretty laid back in those days…

Because fast forward to today, most people are chasing 20 rabbits. And catching nothing but a bunch of stress and overwhelm in the process.

Let’s be honest, long “to do lists” and ambitious multi-goals can seem very appealing. And we convince ourselves we’ll “get everything done soon”.

But what happens in actual fact is that the diluted effort and focus soon burns you out and is no fun at all.

And funnily enough, when you focus your awareness to just one rabbit you suddenly wonder how you ever had time for anything else. (The great illusion becomes clear)

So let’s do this…

Chase the ONE rabbit that gives you most joy and give the project 100% of your energy.

The journey is the reward and it will be a beautiful journey,

Plus the great thing about doing this the “Law of Attraction way” is that you work according to a universal rule–EVERYTHING is connected anyway.

So when you attract one bunny, you’ll most likely find all the others soon come bouncing home too.

Have a magical day.

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