Waiting For Something Big To Happen

Waiting For Something Big To Happen
Change is a process not an event.

Have you ever found yourself waiting for something big to happen?

It’s like expecting to suddenly find yourself on top of a new mountain.

When the truth is you’re already 90% of the way up your current mountain.

The joy is in the process. The steps you take. The wrong turns. The occasional panic of being lost but then a familiar tree or landscape tells you it’s all ok. You’re back on track.

You don’t need a new big thing to happen because something huge is already happening. It’s just that it happened slowly and maybe you missed it?

The truth about concentration, focus and follow-through is that they aren’t inspired by far off peaks. They are born from personal growth, adventure and an understanding of the journey already traveled.

Look back to years ago. Notice just how far you’ve come. Pat yourself on the back because it really is amazing.

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