The Quieter Moments

The Quieter Moments
Not just quiet moments but moments filled with safety, peace and gratitude…

We think we have all our great ideas when we’re trying hard and focusing.

But there’s a different kind of concentration and idea-generation. That comes from a silent place called “permission”.

When you relax and let go. Surrender to the breath, the moment, to the sunshine (or even the rain) around you.

And that’s often where the great ideas and solutions creep in. As whispers and quiet insights. Not as thunderous conscious breakthroughs.

By the way, the quiet space can be in the middle of a noisy stadium–If you know how to step away in your mind.

So chill. Smell the flowers. Drink delicious water and breathe. Whatever it takes to create the quiet moments that give birth to abundance breakthroughs.

On that topic, when was the last BIG breakthrough idea, solution or action you created?

Where were you? What were you doing? What got you into the space necessary to make that breakthrough.

I’d love to know! Leave your answer below 🙂

Ed L

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