Japanese Abundance Tool

Japanese Abundance Tool
Discover this powerful Japanese Abundance Tool…

Great news…

Sara Wilson has many a story to share about transformation and the search for happiness and success.

The techniques and tips she’ll share on the live call will be easy to implement and create rapid results.

As an experienced master coach, who has spent years working and traveling in Japan, she has discovered how to incorporate the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai into her professional work and practice.

This means that you, too, can now be shown how to use these powerful techniques yourself.

During our live interview you’ll learn:

The ancient Japanese culture behind the theory of Ikigai and why on the tiny island of Okinawa the people enjoy such long and fulfilling lives. (National Geographic explorer Dan Buettner calls Okinawa a “blue zone,” for happiness and longevity - one of only 5 blue zones in the world)

  • How you can easily start using the Ikigai life coaching tool in your life, lifestyle and business. And quickly enjoy measurable, breakthrough results
  • How to use this tool to rapidly align yourself with your true purpose and highest values so you can do work you adore and help people achieve remarkable results
  • Using Ikigai to boost your own and other people’s motivation and supercharge goals and inner-beliefs about what’s possible (Sara will show you exactly how she does this with her own clients)

If you’re keen to attend (and we’d love to see you there, simply sign up for your free 7 day membership club trial using this link: https://edlester.com/store/abundance-and-miracles/

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Ed Lester
Abundance Coach

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