Why standing still is never an option

Why standing still is never an option
I hardly ever use an alarm clock these days.

If I ever need to wake up at a specific time, I simply tell my brain to do its thing.

Did you ever have that experience of having a built-in “Wake Up Now” mechanism?

Our minds and our bodies really are extraordinary things don’t you think?

It’s very much the same with finding our direction in life…

Rather than agonising and worrying and downright melting your brain…trying to figure out “THE THING I SHOULD BE DOING WITH MY LIFE”…

Sometimes it’s easier to just trust your internal energy. The compass inside you that already KNOWS your path and your direction.

Following your joy and your passion is the clearest indicator I know for achieving success in life.

Admittedly it does sometimes feel scary. Just like when you trust your mental alarm clock to get you up in time for an important meeting.

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But then all you really need to do each day is to take one step forward…

In fact, every great journey in history was made up of consistent, regular steps forward.

And of course some days are a bit special. And you’ll take great leaps and bounds on those days.

Let’s face it, if you ever take a wrong turn, it’s easy to side step and get back on track.

In fact, the laws of physics prove that it’s MUCH easier to change direction if you’re already moving.

Standing still is never an option!

The true rewards in life always come from assessing your strengths…your passions…and your ideas…

And turning THOSE raw gems into consistent, profitable and joyful actions.

So the only question is, which step forward will you take today?

Because then you can go take it. And the world is yours. It’s so important for you to shine and do your best work. Because then you make the world a better and richer place for all of us.

Good luck and warmest wishes

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