Your Destiny Awaits

Your Destiny Awaits
It’s time to join some dots here…

  1. Your source code IS the path to your destiny
  2. Sometimes it’s hard, getting it all to work and come together (But you can make it much easier)

I’ll give you an example of each of the above… If you came into this world with an inquisitive nature then your destiny must be connected to your natural energy. i.e. being inquisitive.


So, if you end up with a job in the caring professions where your main role is to care. To be compassionate. To give comfort and to ease pain.

Then that could be a problem.

Not because it isn’t valuable.

It just isn’t offering you the opportunity to solve problems. And thereby move towards your destiny…

But then take the archetypal empath…

The person who warms the hearts of others just by being in a room

The person who heals all feelings of sadness.

They know when to give you a hug and some advice.

And equally they know when to simply hold your hand and listen…

That person is not going to enjoy being a computer hacker. Working alone and late into the night. Surrounded by pizza. Nine Inch Nails blasting through their earbuds.

Their source code is simply not being utilised.

They will burn out. Because their destiny is being frustrated.

(And I doubt the healing empath would make much of a computer hacker anyway.)

Listen, it gets more complex…

Let’s say your source code is to be inquisitive…And you also feel driven to help people…

We now have two energetic needs…

So working for an insurance company in the claims department will satisfy a certain amount of your psychical itch.

But it might not be enough….

For instance, you may feel more drawn towards writing a blog that helps women become empowered.

You may have a deep yearning to help them solve their biggest problems. And you know that there IS a solution.

They CAN do it.

Your inquisitiveness is now coming alive in its most powerful and pure form.

But the insurance job feels safer of course…

And there is that same old nagging doubt. (It’s safer to be stuck and unhappy. I know. I know)

From a helicopter view high above, we can see that the “unhappy/familiar = safe formula” is utter nonsense.

That insurance job will ultimately drain our life force away.

And the “Empowered Women Blog” (Or the novel. Or the animal sanctuary for that matter) is an itch that is not going away.

Kind of like an actress who works in a movie theatre because it satisfies her source code in a temporary, protecting way.

She gets to hang around somewhere movies are playing…

But it does NOT manifest her big dream.

And of course, her heart slowly breaks. And the anaesthetic wears off.

But by then the “familiar = safe formula” kicks in again. And she’s stuck…

Surprisingly, sometimes the risk you need to take in order to get onto your real and true path is ZERO.

Yes it feels overwhelming and scary…

But I’d urge you to challenge its limitations every day.

So you can live your magical and authentic life!

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