5 Simple Questions To Unleash Your Source Code

5 Simple Questions To Unleash Your Source Code
Muhammad Ali was generally accepted as being the greatest.

But how? And what? And why?

When he met the Beatles he admitted that, in fact, THEY were the greatest.

“But he smiled and declared…

I’m DEFINITELY still the prettiest!”

The moral?

You have to have a back up plan.

Also, whatever your source code, your energy has to be flexible. This allows your ideas and your actions to flow like water. Effortlessly.

Ali’s comments were typical of his mesmerising personality. And his deeper source code.

The contradiction between soft and strong. (Yep, “floats like a butterfly stings like a bee”. It was his signal to the world and typical of why so many of us loved the man. But deplore fighting and violence.)

So now we’re moving into that second principle out of 12.

It called “The Signal”

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The signal is all about getting your message (both to yourself and to the world) to be both SIMPLE and CLEAR.

When you’re simple and clear, that’s a good thing.

When you turn that principle into a life of passion, purpose and movement, it’s awesome.

But when you combine simplicity and clarity with action AND source code, well that’s even better. It’s divine.

This process works in layers.

In fact, let’s do this as a game…

Sooooooo, you start by asking yourself a simple question…

You say warmer if you’re getting closer. And colder if you’re getting further away.

Got it? Great. Here goes…

What are you the greatest at?



That is a very cold answer. That is incorrect. The signal is broken.

Look, watch me demonstrate with myself…

Ed 1 (external/from mouth) “What are you the greatest at?”

Ed 2 (internal response from mind) “Not sure”

Ed 1 Good! True. And warmer :) Are you the greatest at basketball?

Ed 2 No. I’m the worst in the world at it.

Ed 1 Good, that’s pretty much true. Warmer! Are you the greatest at writing emails?

Ed 2 No, but people tell me I’m really good at it. And I really enjoy it.

Ed 1 Great. Warmer! We’re getting somewhere. So are you the greatest at writing emails about abundance?

Ed 2 I’m certainly high up in the list :)

Ed 1. Excellent. Much Warmer Signal…

Ed 2 I’ve just realised something else. I’m DEFINITELY the greatest at being ME.

So you see how that plays out?

When you start to get your message clearer, your source code starts to show itself more clearly.

Answer these questions and see where it takes you…

  1. What are you the greatest at?
  2. What are you pretty good at AND you passionately enjoy?
  3. What could you do differently to get better at that thing?
  4. What rule could you change which would give you a natural advantage?
  5. What is your natural energy? Your natural way of doing things?

The above questions are deceptively tricky.

However what’s the rush? But there’s a technique and a brilliance that comes with practicing and going deep with them.

And it will only come by DOING.

And you can become really great at it.

And your signal will become stronger.

And you’ll be able to unleash your source code.

And we all can’t wait to see that happen!

Yay. Go you!

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“Please leave your comments below. I would love to read them.”

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