The biggest mistake

The biggest mistake
“Focus on signal over noise”

Elon Musk’s answer has always been “Work Harder”.

He used to party hard too. But that appears to have all but stopped.

He says he’s now working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and sleeping under his desk.

Is this the answer?

Business-wise… Relationships-wise… Health-wise… even spiritually-wise…

I’m VERY dubious.

It’s easy to think that working harder will get you out of troubled waters.

But does it really?

I mean, in life, if you’re heading down the wrong tunnel and you simply “burrow harder and further” you only get deeper into trouble…

Until eventually you don’t know how to get out of it.

The solution?

Sometimes you just have to be lazy. Sometimes working an hour a day. Or even spending a few weeks observing this crazy world from under the shade of a palm tree…

Going back to nature can give you all the breakthroughs and the energy you need. And you’ll start to re-connect with true, natural attraction and your personal power.

“Focus on signal over noise” is actually a direct quote from Elon Musk…

But in my world, the signal does NOT mean work harder.

My second Abundance Principle means this:

  • Focus on the right things (often just ONE critical thing)

  • Stay passionate and crystal clear on why you are doing what you’re doing.

  • Stay curious, playful and energised at all times (16 hours work a day doesn’t always achieve this. Certainly when you’re stuck in an office sweating and worrying)

  • And above all else, combine the signal with your Source Code (Principle 1)

For me when I write a message like this one today, I am aiming to keep the signal crystal clear.

And I want my source code to shine through.

Because I KNOW that you can attract the life you want if you have a clear signal too. (internal and external).

Maybe you are already attracting your dream life?

If yes then great!

If not then I’d suggest working on your signal. Your message to the world and to yourself.

It’s a journey not a destination.

And it’s an awesome thing. Just like you and your mission!

Stay strong.

Would you swap your life with Elon Musk?

Would I?

No way!

I deeply admire him. (And I’m sure he’s only a small tweak away from figuring it all out.)

But no way! (Working harder with no focus on the “Big Why” and true “win-wins” is simply NOISE)

Right, back to my palm tree.

I’ll be in touch very soon. Because I have a LOT more to share here.

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