2 different (and critical) kinds of emotions

2 different (and critical) kinds of emotions
Do you ever notice how people get totally stuck in life? Permanently camped out at this invisible crossroads. Not sure where to go or even which way to face…

Well there’s a strange little secret about emotion and energy which is priceless to you when you fully grasp it…

It’s a distinction which I believe will switch on floodlight sized lightbulbs in your consciousness.

In fact, it’s that very difference between the switch and the bulb that I’m describing here.

The switch happens quickly. The bulb stays illuminated.

Just like Tom Hanks on his deserted island in “Castaway”

When he made fire.

It’s one thing having the fuel for consistent burning. It’s another having the spark that gives birth to the initial flame.

A match won’t keep you warm.

But all the firewood in the world is of no use to you without that precious first spark.

Likewise, there are 2 kinds of emotion you can use to make your manifestation miraculous.

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Firstly there are your ignition emotions that cause immediate focus and action…

Then there are the true power energies which keeps the fires burning in your heart and in your life.

So gratitude….positivity…love…hope….contribution…

All of these are fuels for your dream life.

But they don’t always get you started on the path.

Some of the greatest transformations I’ve witnessed in clients started with a spark of anger (at the unfairness of the world…)

Like when my friend Jerry’s Dad stopped smoking because we was so angry with the government for taxing cigarettes again and again.

Other examples are utter frustration (enough is enough - “my child is NOT going through this experience like I did”)

Or with heartbreak (Something great will come of this painful experience!)

I can assure you that anger, frustration and heartbreak can turn your life around and open the floodgates to abundance….

BUT…and it’s a big one…

You don’t want to fuel your life with those energies.

You want them to be momentary catalysts. Otherwise, left unchecked they will burn you and cause great harm.

Once the spark is set, those beautiful energies of unconditional love and positive openness are way, way more rewarding. They’re the ones that will take you home. And give you everything you deserve so very, very much.

And, personally I’d love to help you with my Groundbreaking Law of Attraction Free Gift which has been proven in the real world and WILL help you manifest better and faster results than ever before.

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As an experienced coach, trainer and entrepreneur with well over 20 years in practice, Ed is passionate about helping creative, ambitious people discover their true path and purpose by unleashing their unique source code (strengths and gifts).

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