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The surefire solution
It was a very exciting thing…

A road trip with no plan. Just fuel. Some friends. Some time on our hands.

Close your eyes and stick a pin in a map.

Or how about you go to a restaurant with a great chef but no menu?

“Just bring out whatever you want. I’ll eat it. Even if it’s deep fried grasshoppers. I won’t know and it’s going to be delicious anyway. Especially with hot dipping sauce.”

Wild abandon is occasionally a great strategy. Especially when you’re young, free and feel you can cope with any outcome.

I was once stuck in a cafe in a backwater town somewhere in Portugal. Not quite sure how I got there but one thing was for sure…

Locals with pitchforks and other ghastly pointy-stick implements were crowding around menacingly. Absolutely no idea what they were saying or what their problem was. (It’s a true story).

But it was OK because “Hey, they’ll love me when they get to know me!”

But as we grow a little older, let’s be honest we bring a certain degree of fussiness to the table.

For instance getting a haircut is a great example.

Imagine you want you hair dyed a nice “chestnut” color.

So you point to a photo. And your hairdresser nods obligingly.

5 minutes later your hair is hacked to within an inch of your scalp.

And the color hasn’t changed at all. No chestnut tints.

This is the stuff of screaming nightmares.

At this point in your life, you don’t want to spin the lottery wheel every time you visit the dentist, hairdresser or travel agent.

You have SPECIFIC desires and needs.

So how did it happen? How did you end up with the extremely short back and sides, marine cut?

This is the moment we have to be entirely honest with ourselves…

When you pointed to the photo were you 100% clear that you were referring to the color and not the style?

Did you demonstrate and articulate what you were looking for? Did you ask your stylist to repeat back to you to show they understood what you wanted?

When the buzzing hair clippers appeared, did you say “What the heck are they for?”

Or did you just shrug your shoulders and hope for the best?

Metaphorically, we do stuff like this all the time. And it is crazy. And it is killing our results and making us unhappy.

Because just like your poor hairstylist…The universe can only deliver what you specifically ask for.

And if you’re vague…uncertain…feeling undeserving…contradictory…stuck…

You’re not going to walk out with what you want. You’re going to be disappointed again.

Asking, believing and receiving has to be something that’s done with 100% confidence and clarity.

Don’t you think?

And seeing the world through that lens is going to give you an eye opening jolt.

Because when you’re clear, you shine with an almighty aura.

The world “Gets you”

Even if you’re clear that you are struggling. Or clear that you don’t know what you want. That’s fine.

Because looking around, you’ll probably find you aren’t always as clear as you think you’re being. And if that’s true then it’s costing you.

So when you walk into a restaurant and say with solid confidence…utter clarity…

“I’ll have a glass of sparkling mineral water. With ice and a slice of lemon.”

Then you know that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get.

(And even on the rare occasion that the waiter botches it up. There are plenty of other restaurants). And the universe is the same way.

Because you are a beautiful soul with a unique and valuable message.

But that message needs to be focused into an arrowhead of clarity, confidence and belief.

I hope this helps you.

I know it will ;)

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