The Quieter Moments

Not just quiet moments but moments filled with safety, peace and gratitude… We think we have all our great ideas when we’re trying hard and focusing. But there’s a different kind of concentration and idea-generation. That comes from a silent place called “permission”. When you relax and let go. Surrender to the breath, the moment, to the sunshine (or even the rain) around you. And that’s often where the great ideas and solutions creep in.

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Waiting For Something Big To Happen

Change is a process not an event. Have you ever found yourself waiting for something big to happen? It’s like expecting to suddenly find yourself on top of a new mountain. When the truth is you’re already 90% of the way up your current mountain. The joy is in the process. The steps you take. The wrong turns. The occasional panic of being lost but then a familiar tree or landscape tells you it’s all ok.

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How Many Rabbits Are You Chasing?

Back in the day of Confucius, people often chased 2 rabbits. He advised them “Much better to chase just one. Because if you chase 2, you catch neither”. Things must have been pretty laid back in those days… Because fast forward to today, most people are chasing 20 rabbits. And catching nothing but a bunch of stress and overwhelm in the process. Let’s be honest, long “to do lists” and ambitious multi-goals can seem very appealing.

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