Positive Thinking Secrets From The Limestone Cowboy

Positive Thinking Secrets From The Limestone Cowboy

Personally, I’ve always aspired to be a glass half full kind of guy. When the universe deals me lemons, I tend to think “How can I build a successful lemonade company?”

However, some people really struggle with “positive thinking”.

And there’s a very simple reason why.

The short version…

They treat it as the cause and not the effect. They try to force themselves to think positively, instead of looking for the underlying energy and working on fixing that instead.

Let me tell you the story of the Limestone Cowboy, who protects his energy like the gold at Fort Knox (and it manifested profound results for him).

His name was Bob Anderson. He lived in the same smallish town where I grew up. Swindon in England.

Swindon was built on a bed of limestone. Bob used to dress in tassled shirts and had a bit of a swagger. Hence his nickname. The Limestone Cowboy.

Anyway, there was something extraordinary about Bob…

He was the best darts player in the world.


He was ranked number one globally 3 years in a row. And he won the world championship back in 1988.

Now understand, to win a nervy game like darts, you have to have some pretty positive thought habits swishing around in your mind. And you know what they say…

If you want to know how successful people get successful, don’t copy what they do. Figure out how they “think”.

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The Limestone Cowboy’s Positive Thinking Energy Secret

Bob was known locally as a hero. But some said he was a bit of a mean spirited grump.


Well, by all accounts, Bob would always practice his darts in the local pubs and clubs, alone.

People would constantly ask him:

“Fancy a game Bob?”

And he would always say…


The truth was, Bob wasn’t mean spirited at all. It was the people challenging him who actually wanted to leech his energy.

They simply wanted a shot at beating the champion, so they could feel that they were a champion too.

It’s the same reason top boxers can’t go out for a quiet drink. Someone in the bar will always want to fight them. Again, for the glory of beating the champ.

Or take Oprah as an example.

When she became successful and rich, extended family members starting popping out of the woodwork asking her for money. They believed that because she had it, they should get it too.

She very quickly learned to say “No”, and to make it her default setting.

Saying “Yes” to other people can feel appropriate in the moment. Kind even.

But, in the long term it can be extremely damaging to your own energy.

When you say “Yes” to someone else’s priorities, you generally say “No” to one of your own.

And long term, this creates a habitual lowering of self-value. Which is NOT a good environment for attraction and manifestation.

So what about you? What do you do to keep your deeper energy levels positively charged so that positive thinking becomes much easier?

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Sourced from: http://www.mantraband.com/blogs/our-blog/82244033-learn-to-say-no-without-explaining-yourself

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