The secret of the red paper clip

The secret of the red paper clip
Allow me to tell you about the “red paper clip” secret.

You may remember the story of Kyle Macdonald?

He exchanged a red paper clip on ebay for a fish shaped pen.

He bartered that for a doorknob — then continued to trade up in this way until he wound up with VIP passes to an Alice Cooper concert (+ an invite to personally party with Alice after the show.)

He exchanged those tickets for a paid role in a movie.

He swapped the movie role for a house.

Whoa! What did Ed just say?

It’s true…

That was actually his goal all along.

To turn a red paper clip into a house.

And he achieved it.

To this day people keep red paper clips attached to their computer screens to remind themselves “anything is possible”.

I’ve seen people achieve surprisingly similar results with the law of attraction.

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Like yesterday.

I wrote about JK Rowling and how she started with nothing but an idea about a schoolboy who discovers he’s a wizard. An idea that came to her in a flash whilst sitting on a train.

Joanne Rowling had nothing but a dream — enough money to buy the coffees that fueled her writing (and a beautiful daughter who lit up her heart and inspired her creative soul)

What did her “red paper clip dream” end up getting her?

$1 billion dollars. A castle in Scotland. And according to Forbes, in 2012 she became the worlds 61st most powerful woman.

“Abracadabra to that” I say!

So what about you?

Do you think you might have a red paper clip sitting around somewhere? Or an idea for a book? Or a song in your heart just waiting to be put out there into the universe?

I think you do.

And, personally I’d love to help you with my Groundbreaking Law of Attraction Free Gift which has been proven in the real world and WILL help you manifest better and faster results than ever before.

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