Let your own light shine!

Let your own light shine!
Listen closely. This is something important. It concerns you and something you may well be doing to jeopardise your progress.

I DEFINITELY used to do it.

Sometimes the most profound lessons are right under our noses. Nature will share them with us if we’re open to it.

When we stay fascinated by everything we see.

I want to share one of nature’s most powerful lessons with you today.

If you’re one of my avid newsletter readers, then you’ll know my kids used to have pet chickens. Several years back now something wonderful happened. 6 baby chicks popped out of their eggs and scampered into our yard.

Then one day, Mother Hen shared a lesson with me. I believe it’s an extremely valuable one for me to pass on to you too.

It could literally change the course of your 2016…and beyond.

Here’s what she taught us…

You’ve got to look after YOURSELF better.

I’m serious. I’m talking in a broad and critical way. I don’t just mean health, nutrition and exercise. I’m talking about nurturing and tending to your entire self.

Putting yourself first on a daily basis.

If you’re like most of my readers, then frankly you could be putting the needs of others ahead of your own. You’re probably helping others to feel better.

But you’re denying yourself the same opportunity.

Before you get the wrong idea. I AM talking about looking after number 1. But I’m not talking about selfishness. This is just plain old fashioned, garden variety, common sense.

The kind that chickens–and indeed all of nature–understands.

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Back to the story…

That morning, 6 am, I  went out to feed the flock. As I tossed the wheat into the feeding bowl something hilarious happened.

Two of the young chicks had the audacity to hit the feeding trough ahead of Mom. And she was standing for no nonsense.

She flicked them aside with her beak. Tossed them up in the air like a pair of old socks–back to the end of the queue.

The message?

“Me first…When I’m strong I can help others to be strong."

It’s kind of the opposite of how society expects us to to behave don’t you think?

But it definitely makes practical sense.

You might be able to help a handful of other people even though you’re tired or distracted yourself. But think about the good you could do in the world if you were strong…truly abundant and sparkling with bubbly, vibrant energy.

It reminds me of an old friend of mine…Noel.

Noel was extraordinary. He had a great passion for helping kids get access to education…specifically in the area of the arts.

He wanted to give children unique learning opportunities they wouldn’t normally get.

I asked him one day how he would feel about being given a million dollars. I expected him to shrug…couldn’t care less.

That was what I predicted.

But instead, he became animated. He grabbed my arm tightly. Looked me in the eye like an excited schoolboy and said…

“Imagine how many children we could help!”

It was a supreme example of someone knowing the true power of abundance. This applies to money, health, relationships, self-confidence, healing, business success.

Just about anything you can think of…

It’s just a fact. Sometimes you’ve got to get strong yourself so you can pass strength on to others that you care about.

It’s definitely something for you to think about as you carefully prepare your goals and plans for this year and beyond.

Putting yourself first now could just make all the difference around the corner–for many people.

Have a wonderful day making yourself strong!

Ed Lester

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