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Boys Don''t Cry

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(This was inspired by an email I sent out a couple of years ago. People really seemed to like it. Hopefully you get something from it too :) )

So I just want to share something powerful with you today. You know that identity is SUCH an important thing, right?

The way you think about yourself. Who you used to be…who you are today…the person you wish to be in the future. Your relationship with yourself.

THAT is the most important thing.


It’s what forges you. It’s what creates your experience of the world. Your dreams and expectations.

Your identity is your mirror to reality. It shows you the changes and the possibilities that are open to you in this universe.

I want to share a story with you today from when I was 15 years old. Like a lot of 15 year olds, I wanted to be different.

I wanted to stand out, and say to the world:

“I have something unique about me. I AM DIFFERENT.”

So what did I do?

I went out and bought some black hair dye so I could look like one of my heroes—Robert Smith from The Cure. You might remember him. He wore makeup and had wild backcombed hair. Best of all, his hair was jet black.

I wanted to look JUST like him. (and be totally different. Yeah, I get the contradiction now)

There was a problem. I was a very pale young English boy. Typical pasty white skin. With my new black hair, I looked shocking. I would have won any Halloween competition.

However, when I dyed my hair black I was so proud. Nervously excited, I couldn’t wait to take my new image out into the world. Only problem is, security got to me before I left the building. Security being my Mum.

My mother told me “there’s NO way you’re going outside looking like THAT. People will point garlic and crosses at you.”

Clearly, looking back now, I can see that she was concerned for me. She knew my dad would be livid. She suspected I would be thrown out of school… She was genuinely concerned.

But I didn’t see it that way, When she came back from the store with a bottle of “identity destroying liquid” I was devastated…horrified!

She bent me over the bath. She scrubbed my head, until all of the black dye was gone down the plughole. I was angry, I was wounded. I could feel tears welling up but I was DETERMINED not to show it.

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I loved that band The Cure. And my favorite song of theirs was “Boys Don’t Cry”. I took the message literally.

Then the worst thing was later that evening.

I went to meet up with my best friend Frank.

He stared at me in disbelief.

“I thought you’d dyed your hair black. It was going to be great.”

So I lied. “I did dye it black. It didn’t look good. I prefer this.”

The truth is I LOVED my crazy black hair and Frank knew I was lying. But he didn’t push the point. He could tell I’d been wounded. He understood.

I share this story because sometimes the people who love us the most can do hurtful stuff.

Another example of this, I received in an email from one of my subscribers recently… She told me, “My mom says **you are poor, you will always be **poor. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

What a powerful suggestion to have installed in your mind!

Seriously, once you let a belief like that into your subconscious, it will grow as weeds in the garden of your imagination.

Everything you see, feel or do in this world will remind you that: “you are poor and you’ll always be poor”

This kind of programming really will pollute everything. What you do…how you think…and of course who you’re being. In other words, your core identity.

The tragic fact is, when a scarcity script is installed into your thinking by someone you love and trust, (eg a parent), it’s even more likely to take hold and to cause problems years later.

Of course, as you probably realize, people give us these scarcity suggestions from a perspective of love…

“It’s better that you have low aspirations. You should expect to continuously achieve low results financially, professionally, romantically. That way you’ll never be disappointed.”

Love can be pretty weird at times, can’t it?

In truth, people with low expectations are continually disappointed. So in my opinion you should change your internal suggestions in a way that catapults you into an abundance orbit.

First understand, all these destructive suggestions were initially installed with love. You can do some weeding…you can change things. I know you can put all the positive suggestions in there that you could ever need.

You CAN run an entirely different script in your mind, starting immediately

By the way, in case it sounds like I’m in anyway bitter with my mother for “Hair Gate” that’s long been forgiven.

My mother is one of my greatest heroes. I owe her everything. You may never have met her personally. But, if you’ve been on my mailing list for any length of time, you “know” my mother.

If you’ve ever felt warmth flow from my messages. If you’ve ever felt uplifted or inspired…If my words have made you feel more positive or touched you in any way… I guarantee you, on an energetic level, you know my mother.

She taught me how to always see the best in everyone.

Now, if you suspect you’ve had any kind of limiting or negative beliefs installed by others in your life, this could be a perfect opportunity to change them. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to tend to your own imagination garden.

For instance, if you’re running the internal script…

“You’re poor and you’ll always be poor”

How about changing it to something more transformational?


“Hey I’m DIFFERENT. I’m full of energy and I’m going to use that energy to create prosperity—To create a different kind of consciousness for myself…for my family…my friends…those I love.”

You’d be amazed at what’s possible

Why am I telling you this today?

Because you’re beautiful…and you’re amazing…because you deserve somebody to tell you the truth about how to bring out the very, very best in yourself.

Have an amazing day, keep rocking and rolling,

Ed Lester
The Abundance Index

PS Can I just ask what internal script are YOU running right now?

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