Turning the tide

Turning the tide
Getting into flow (into the zone) is the greatest feeling in life.

Doing something you enjoy so much and are so naturally talented at.

Wow, there’s nothing like it.

But flow can work against us too.

Overpowering research shows that children of smokers are twice as likely to smoke.

The flow of their smoking beliefs can be handed down as predictably as hair color.

It stands to reason that beliefs about money and about abundance can be affected in the same way.

For instance, children of parents with a scarcity mindset or “issues” around money are already standing in a certain energy flow.

But all tides change direction eventually. For me, it’s like removing yourself to a different ocean or river.

Do you think children who never met their smoking parents, and never knew they existed are more likely to smoke?

Of course not. It makes no sense. (Because they weren’t exposed to the environment. Those neural pathways weren’t set.)

Flowing with the tide of abundance is easy when you break energetic bonds with the past.

You deserve this transformed future, creating your own path and your own direction.

Less ebbing. More flowing.

This means, programming in the positive beliefs that make abundance and happiness show up in your life (regardless of your past or present history) becomes childs play.

Have an amazing day flowing and letting great things flow to you!

Your thoughts?

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