Childhood Dreams

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Childhood Dreams
One of the great things about being a parent is that you get to read your children the same magical stories that you once enjoyed hearing.

For instance, 30 something years ago, I loved having Roald Dahl books read to me.

Fast forward in time to yesterday and I’m rediscovering the magic with my own kids.

Specifically the moment when the author first introduces the character called ‘The Big Friendly Giant” (or BFG) who captures children dreams and turns them into magical powders.

This is how he tells the story to the young boy, Danny…

“The BFG always carries a suitcase and a blowpipe,” my father said. “The blowpipe is as long as a lamppost. The suitcase is for the powders. So he opens the suitcase and selects exactly the right powder - and he puts it into the blowpipe - and he slides the blowpipe in through the open window - and poof! - he blows in the powder - and the powder floats around the room - and the child breathes it in - "

“And then what?” I asked.

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“And then, Danny, the child begins to dream a marvelous and fantastic dream - and when the dream reaches its most marvelous and fantastic moment - then the magic powder really takes over - and suddenly the dream is not a dream any longer but a real happening.”

I was powerfully struck by what the author was describing. Basically a magical process to not only create dreams to order, but to actually manifest them into reality.

And I was delighted to see how closely the fictional story matches up with the Dream Envelope manifestation process I created for my clients.

What dreams you had as a child I don’t know?

But as an adult today, chances are you want to manifest authentic freedom. You want to live life on your terms, with an abundance of prosperity, happiness and opportunities.

I can relate to those goals. I’ve been there and I’ve taken countless clients on that magical journey.

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