The unconstrained heart…

The unconstrained heart
Can you point to it? (Simon says btw)

Right. It’s in your head.

And of course your physical heart is in your chest.

But where we think about our “mind” that’s a different matter…

I believe our mind is literally EVERYWHERE.

Looking for it in your head is like looking for data on your laptop. When in reality that data is off in the “cloud” somewhere.

And even more powerful and infinite is your “energetic heart”… In other words, your heart energy.

When you manifest and make positive changes using your energetic heart, there really are NO LIMITS.

This part of you in unconstrained…always expanding…always more creative and powerful than every great artist that ever lived…COMBINED…

When we use our unconstrained, energetic heart at even 10% of it’s potential power, we become unlimited in what we can attract.

You want to make 2018 your best year by a factor of 10 or even 100? (including the factor of 10 or 100 financial results and other concrete outcomes?)

Then start training your unconstrained heart to do it’s best work…

What do you think?

Warmest wishes

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