Rise above everything

Rise above everything
On Christmas morning I gave my wife her present.

It was the new Phillip Pullman novel.


The people in the story live in a parallel universe.

Much like ours but some things are strangely different.

For instance, everyone has their own “Daemon”

It’s an animal attached to them by a psychic and physical bond. This magical animal is a true part of them and helps them. They are never alone or without help.

In the story, us humans have these precious Daemons too.

We can’t see them. Which is a real shame if you ask me.

If you could call upon a magical animal to be by your side, what kind of help would you choose?

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Imagine flying as high as an eagle…

Nothing can bother you because you’re ELEVATED.

A phoenix is even better.


Because now you get to not only rise above all current problems.

You get to rise above bad energy from the past too.

Personally I like to be able to choose my “Daemon” to suit any current situation.

If I need strength to endure then a Lion is good.

Horses are good if you need to forgive because, again they elevate you and give you feelings of personal power.

Play with these ideas…

Don’t forget Abundance is a game and it’s a game you need to play to win.

Because the more success and happiness you have in YOUR life, the more you can help us make this world better for everyone.

PS Do let us know which magical animal power you’re choosing today 

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