Shocking, Eye Opening And Life Changing

Eye Opening And Life Changing
Years ago I discovered something profound…

It pretty much explains why so many people have blocks around money and success…

(By the way, I tested and tested this theory. And it stood up to scrutiny…)

You see I helped a LOT of people to stop smoking. I don’t know if you knew that about me but it was one of my specialist services for many years.

It’s not something I do much at all now. But I learned a LOT in those days.

Helping the client to stop smoking wasn’t as hard as you’d imagine. Inn fact, 80% of the time it was really straightforward.

The real issue was helping them to STAY stopped.

There were many triggers and traps on the road to becoming permanently free of the dreaded tobacco habit.

And do you know what number 1 was?

Being sabotaged by loved ones and close friends.

Because (hand on heart this is true) smokers don’t want their smoking friends/ partners/ anyone in fact to stop.

They feel that if their good friend stops then they’ll be left on the sinking boat. And that’s a lonely place.

It explains the sad sight of a mother offering her recently quit daughter a cigarette and saying “I’m sure one will be ok”

It’s done with kindness but it sets her right back to where she started.

And this story is TOTALLY relevant to abundance.

Because when a person makes a decision to rise above their circumstances and commit to living and extraordinary and rich life…

Those closest to them go into a frenzied state of panic…

In fact, the vast majority of people around them start giving off negative signals.

Don’t believe me?

Go and tell 7 of your closest family members or friends that you’ve decided to become “fabulously rich, famous and successful” In fact you’ve decided to become a multi-millionaire, luxury island-hopping, fabulous “winner”.

Or even better tell them earnestly, with a straight face…

“I’ve decided to become extremely wealthy and to use my abundance to do great things for others…”

And watch their faces. Be open to their subtle reactions and emotions.

What you’ll detect is a certain antagonism. Possibly a little skepticism or annoyance. Almost certainly an subtle bunch of negativity.


Because they love and care for you.

But you just informed them that you’re about to jump of the sinking ship.

And they are going to take that personally. It kind of feels threatening to them.

Even though it really isn’t at all. In all honestly, if they play their cards right you might even take them to one of your islands 

But the chances are, they may not be feeling ready or strong enough to go on the same adventure as you.

So subconsciously, they’re figuring out how to stop you doing it.

Why am I sharing this thought with you today?

Because if you’re going to make 2018 THE year of your life so far…

And you’re going to follow through this time and REALLY create the sensational life you desire…

Then you need to be committed to emotionally jumping off the sinking ship and accepting that others will probably stay on it. And they may actually try to sabotage you without meaning to.

Bosses and colleagues will often do this when they first see you making positive shifts and they sense you’re growing wings.

Don’t worry though…

It doesn’t mean you have to do anything drastic. You don’t have to leave anyone or anything you love and are committed to.

Not at all…

You just need to realise that you’re doing this for YOU and that you’re ready.

You deserve to fly and soar and so many people in the world are going to benefit from you making the decision to do this.

The people who don’t get it now, will eventually figure it out too. And you’ll be their inspiration when they are finally ready.

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