What are we waiting for? Permission...A Sign...Or a Cake Full Of Candles And Sparkling Lights?

What are we waiting for?
There’s an old saying…

“Procrastination is the thief of time”

But if it were announced that there were millions of dollar bills falling from the sky at the local duck pond…

Don’t you think there might be a bit of a Cyber-Monday Duck Pond frenzy?

I think everyone would be getting crushed in the panic…

I might even pop along myself just to “see what all the fuss was about”.

There’s only one person not turning up at that duck pond today. And that’s our old friend “procrastination”.

That because evil cousin “P” isn’t the cause of anything. He’s just a slimy imposter. Never the bride, always the bridesmaid. Never the cause, always the effect.

Effect of what?

Well that’s a simple one. Fear of course.

The proof is everywhere.

So many people are putting up with less than they deserve. Settling for mediocrity because it’s safe.

Whereas, an exciting life enjoying the very best of everything. That’s scary for most humans.

Scary because it might not turn out “perfectly”.

But then if you don’t chase abundance of course it will never happen anyway.

If you don’t really believe in it, it stays in the shadows.

There’s security in sticking with what we have. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Except as a smart friend of mine once said, “If you want security go and live in a prison”

Which funnily enough is exactly what I think most have us have chosen to do. Live in an invisible prison where we don’t get to do what we want.

But then, the real problem with the “bird in the hand” theory is that it’s always going to be someone else’s bird. And they can take it away or even shoot it at a whim.

The bird in the bush might seem an effort to catch. But once you catch them they’re yours to keep. And there’s a lot more than two of them. And anyway, isn’t the chase and the adventure the magical part anyway?

Once you realise the prison bars of “day to day compromise” aren’t actually invisible. That they are and always were simply a trick of the mind…

Then guess what…

Procrastination withers and dies like the poisonous weed it always was.

And speaking of things that are dying, there’s a profound paradigm shift going on right now.

You may have already sensed it or even figured it out.

All of the old advice and “wisdom” around making money is failing. It’s failing you and it’s failing me. It’s turned to custard in fact.

It’s becoming very, very clear that the way to attract wealth online (or anywhere else for that matter) is no longer the territory of clever tricks and guru tactics.

If you want to get rich from bitcoin or some new MLM or “sounds too good to be true” online opportunity then go ahead.

But I really hope you don’t. Because there’s a much better way.

It’s called “changing peoples’ lives.

Helping people feel special and valued is actually the best way to become very, very wealthy yourself.

Truth be told it always has been. Deep down we’ve all know that. Sometimes the shiny objects look SO shiny though, it’s pretty easy to be mesmerised by them.

But ultimately…

The easiest path is the one where you genuinely help people get what they want.

You can do it by writing inspirational and magnetic material.

You can do it by influencing and guiding people to live better lives.

You can do it by adding value to their ever day experiences and becoming a trusted expert or guide.

Millions of people in life are fighting lonely, losing battles which YOU and me can actually help them win.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how. I can teach you.

Whether you want to become the next online sensation. Or you have a transformational book in you, waiting to be written. Or you want to sell property…organic produce…or beautiful pairs of shoes…

The future is in doing all of these things is by doing it in a way that adds inspiration, value and excitement to peoples’ lives.

This profound shift can start today.

There never is tomorrow. Tomorrow is for procrastination. Today is for YOU and ME and everyone who wants to live an incredible life.

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