Is it really a conscious block or a subconscious block?

Is it really a conscious block or a subconscious block?
The most common reason given?

“There are leaves on the line”

I have NO idea how those leaves got there. But the train always chuggs away again in the end.

I guess an official looking man with brass buttons, a whistle and a big stick turned up and removed the leaves.

Those leaves, of course, are an external block. A conscious block if you will.

The block stopping the happy folk on the train from getting home in time for dinner.

Conscious blocks are everywhere. Like when I was running a workshop a few weeks ago. My microphone wasn’t working. Nobody could hear my groundbreaking, presentation. (How can you become a Ted Talk superstar if your mic doesn’t work?)

But again, the visible blocks we’re conscious of generally get removed.

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On that occasion in the training workshop it was fine. A hotel staff member ran over and started pressing and tapping things. Then he said “one-two one-two” several times and everything was ok again.

It’s those dastardly subconscious blocks that always seem so much tougher to remove.

Like when you’re terrified about a presentation or a meeting. Your poor little heart races. You’re sweating gallons of buckets. (These are no longer leaves on the line. These are Himalayan MOUNTAINS!)

And sometimes when you have the greatest intentions to make a bold move, the past pulls you back.

Invisible, subconscious block are like a bag of rocks on your shoulders. A bungee cord. A million butterflies in your stomach.

But hey!

Butterflies are beautiful. Bungee jumping is a breakthrough like firewalking. And rocks blunt knives and build strong foundations.

Breakthroughs are easy and any subconscious block CAN be removed. When it happens, it will set you free to live in prosperity, love and purpose.

You simply have to master the art of subconscious power

And that is the fun part I promise.

And YOU are awesome. I promise :)

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