Freedom - Small steps and paradigm shifting breakthroughs

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Freedom - Small steps and paradigm shifting breakthroughs
Back in August 1963 was when it happened.

A speech began with 8 words which could have made it any other speech.

“I am pleased to join you here today…”

But it wasn’t any old speech of course. Because 11 minutes later the energy shifted.

A man is standing there, caught in a trance of possibilities and wearing a hat saying “FREEDOM NOW”.

“Tell them about the dream Martin” a woman calls from close by.

The speaker pushed his script to the side and the energy suddenly became electric beyond anything the world had witnessed up to that moment.

“I have a dream” he said.

And that’s how quickly EVERYTHING can change. In a flash. In a split second.

It can happen to YOU too. Your life can change in a magical moment.

Small steps are critical.

One foot in front of the other. Keep moving. Keep believing. Keep dreaming.


The big paradigm shifting breakthroughs are important too.

As Dr King said:

“NOW is the time!”

He insisted

“This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism”.

Without breakthroughs you don’t get freedom, you just fester in the warm cream like the unfortunate frog who got too comfortable.

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Small consistent steps ARE important.

But the occasional leap of soul and energy are critical too.

That speech rocked the world on its axis. But revisiting it today, it feels just as fresh and relevant. It also feels very much about personal freedom as well as it’s original intent - the freedom of an entire community and a great nation.

Money is nice to have. Health and love are core to an abundant life. But to wrap it all in its true gift box, freedom is everything.

That’s my belief and I’m sticking to it.

The “fierce agency of now” has never been more urgent.

I know how to help you create all the breakthroughs and subconscious shifts you desire so that you can live an abundant, prosperous, meaningful life. And, if I have my way, you’ll change the world for many other people too.

Most people have been taking the small and steady steps for years now.

Too many people are choosing “business as usual”.

But for you?

It’s YOUR TIME for freedom and paradigm shifting breakthroughs.

For anyone who owns a copy of Ultimate Abundance, there is a BIG exciting surprise coming your way. Very soon.

I’m so excited. I promise you want to be listening out for this announcement :)

Love and respect

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