An interesting and lucrative question for you

An interesting and lucrative question for you
What interesting “thing” could you do today that would make it stand out and become really special and memorable?

Something childlike and fun?…Something you love but haven’t done for ages?…Something totally new that could awaken a dormant part of your spirit?…

Splashing in puddles or painting flowers both come to mind.

But it could just as easily be visiting an art gallery or learning the names of some stars in the sky.

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There’s another question which is critical…

How can this be made into something that becomes a system for creating a whole string of precious days on demand?

It will begin to feel like you’re taking control of your own evolution and experiences.

And if you generously gift yourself these magical days you’ll also start to:

a. Build a huge reserve of gratitude energy (Which is the key to happiness and success in life)

b. Like and respect yourself more and more. (Which is the key to happiness and success in life) Something to think about 

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