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57 Law of Attraction Tips To Create Abundance In Your Life And Business

Discover The Subconscious Secret… If you get one thing out of this blog post, get that manifesting abundance does not have to be hard. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as you’ll soon discover. Over the last 25 years, ever since I read “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, I have been a passionate student of the art, and some would say science, of Abundance. With often miraculous results.

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Eating The Mind Food Of The Gods?

I was 17 years old visiting a town in North Devon, England. A friend of mine accidentally poured salt on my potatoes. Years later another friend made me a cup of tea and accidentally put in salt instead of sugar. Both tasted funny. But I consumed them anyway. At the time, it seemed a great shame to waste them. (The food because it probably cost me a week’s wages back then.

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But does it pass the “puddle” test?

I constantly challenge myself to ask this question… “Does it pass the puddle test” Because here’s the thing… It’s been raining here for 3 days constantly. Some people would moan and groan at this. Many do. But every time my 3 (soon to be 4) year old son sees a puddle, he jumps in it.  » Enjoy reading this post? Would you love a free copy of my groundbreaking resources including “The Dream Envelope” and “The Abundance Index”?

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Breaking Through Your Glass Ceilings

I’m going to share something astonishing. Something that should make you angry (but in a really positive way). The kind of way where you can take the Monday bull by the horns and OWN this week. Create the kind of extraordinary plans, personal breakthroughs and high-level adventures you were always supposed to. Ready? Great… So first a question. Silicon Valley is all about making money. Right? I mean all those venture capitalists waving their millions of dollar bills in the air.

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Avocado Abundance - Showing the world the authentic value you bring to the party

In the supermarket yesterday I faced a quandary. It involved avocados. As Hamlet would have said - “To buy or not to buy?” The quandary is always the same… Avocados are unpredictable. How they look on the outside doesn’t always tell the story of what’s inside. At the moment they’re out of season here. They cost many times more this time of year. And yes, there’s a chance that they will be delicious.

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Everyone’s wondering what their calling is and the answer is staring us right in the face

Here’s what it’s not. You’re not being called to doubt yourself. Or to suffer paralysis by analysis. None of us are being called to be ordinary. And we’re not being called to play stalling games and get tangled in excuses. Although it’s easy to get blinded by the sheer overwhelming number of options screaming out at us… No. Our calling is a simple one. Your calling is clear as a crystal.

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Do things happen by accident? How you can play a role and win life’s grand jackpot

It’s funny how things seem to be accidental but then afterwards you kind of wonder. For instance the other day in my email I mentioned Joseph Conrad telling you to “Follow your bliss”. But as a few people pointed out, of course, it was actually Joseph Campbell. J.Conrad wrote “Heart of Darkness”. The inspiration for one of the all time movie classics “Apocalypse Now”. Anyway, what seemed an accidental mistake actually reminded me of an even more powerful message.

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Sticky note ideas - 11 messages I’d love to share

It was a sticky note someone had left on his car saying: “Have a good day and smile” Like a random message of kindness. Wonderful! And it got me thinking… If I was going to grab a sticky note and scribble something helpful and generous… What would it be? What would you write? You don’t get a lot of space. So even if you write small, you need to be snappy with your words.

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The “Segway” Secret to getting what you want

Because, as their inventor Dean Kamen famously said: “The city needs a car like a fish needs a bicycle” It was a strange but very cool experience… At first it was wobbly. But then it was fun. The experience reinforced two powerful lessons for me. Balancing can be difficult at first but, persevere and you always get there in the end Where you travel in your mind, you travel in reality

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The question I’m asked every day…

“How can I discover my source code?” and “I just don’t know what I’m good at or what my purpose is” The quick answer is to focus on what you enjoy doing. In the words of Joseph Campbell “Follow Your Bliss” FYB is not the destination. It’s the journey. The thing is you can’t discover your source code in the same way you solve the treasure hunt. In some ways it’s elusive like the gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Why do we keep doing this crazy stuff to ourselves?

In fact, it’s fine to sometimes feel 0%. Crushed and deflated. Nothing for us to feel guilty about. But we do anyway. Somehow we have to show the world our perfect, struggling, martyr-like self. “Hey look at me dancing in the rain and smiling through it all. Even though I have toothache and credit card bills stacked as high as the Eiffel tower on my kitchen table.” Actually crashing is fine.

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