The funny thing about finding your special “niche” in life

special “niche” in life
One of my teachers at school, Mrs Antolic, taught us to “Try Everything”.

It was a wonderful and eye-opening lesson at age 9.

A great message…

But not to be confused with that most damaging piece of advice:

“Be a Jack of All Trades”

“Try everything” is a actually a double pronged idea.

It’s designed to help us go wide. Search the vast landscape. Wander lonely as a cloud. Etc.

But it’s also a search to eventually shine a clear light on our passions and our true calling.

By searching the whole universe, what usually happens is your true niche will find you. It will reveal itself. Sometimes with a fanfare. More often a whisper.

You make yourself attractive. And your destiny becomes naturally attracted to you.

For instance…

Johnny Weissmuller was an athlete. He no doubt tried lots of sports because that was his source code. But swimming revealed itself as his true genius. And he became one of the very best in the world.

He also discovered and loved acting. But his more famous role. The specific character of “Tarzan” found him.

You can hardly call him a Jack of All Trades. However a dedicated and open search eventually revealed the handful of things he then committed his deeper energy to. He went on to became great at those things.

He also later ran a successful health food store chain. And became an accomplished amateur golfer. (Again think SOURCE CODE and not “do a bit of everything”)

So perhaps you’ll find ONE mission. Or maybe you’ll be truly great at 2 or 3 things.

But the journey to get there shouldn’t be limited by only searching for one thing.

Your source code…Your spiritual energy…Your personal magnetism…

These will all come into play and take you into different arenas.

And don’t worry. Your true destiny in the form of a “niche” will find you.

In my experience, that’s how it always tends to work.

And the less you force things, the easier success and clarity come to you. Have fun with the journey.

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