How to treat yourself if you want abundance...

How to treat yourself if you want abundance
I’m often shocked at how badly people treat themselves and others. Yet are surprised when bad things happen.

When you treat a garden with care and love, it grows. (Slightly sarcastic “Well, what a surprise!”)

For instance, a friend of mine is a successful musician. He’s played concerts all over the world.

Once at an after-concert function in Thailand, the Queen appeared.

The room was filled with awe.

People threw rose petals on the ground in front of her. Her feet mustn’t touch the same ground as mortals.

Why? Because she’s a deity. A “Goddess” on earth.

Contrast this with Billie Holliday on the road in the 1930s. Certain of her band members were shocked to find out that whenever they left a hotel through the front entrance, their sublimely talented star-singer had to exit through the kitchen with all the other servants.

The message is simple. Maybe at times we are internally treating ourselves with the exact same kind of disrespect.

We all have parts of ourselves that we treat with contempt (or is it fear?)

We all send parts of ourselves to live in dark rooms. To feel guilty, scared, trapped.

But maybe it’s that EXACT part of ourselves that we fear and suffocate which is in fact our genius.

Maybe we need to free our demons. Let them dance in the light. Throw rose petals on the ground.

Maybe it’s your truth and your brilliance that you’re hiding from the world?

And it’s time you let it shine.

So you can finally and immediately start to attract the kind of life and lifestyle you deserve.

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