Why standing still is never an option

I hardly ever use an alarm clock these days. If I ever need to wake up at a specific time, I simply tell my brain to do its thing. Did you ever have that experience of having a built-in “Wake Up Now” mechanism? Our minds and our bodies really are extraordinary things don’t you think? It’s very much the same with finding our direction in life… Rather than agonising and worrying and downright melting your brain…trying to figure out “THE THING I SHOULD BE DOING WITH MY LIFE”…

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The Person Who Will Help You Succeed

Imagine… Someone who supports us. Asks us the right questions at the perfect time. Inspires and provokes us to light up and be our best. I’m sure you’d love to find that person. We know she or he would drive us to take action and in so doing would open new doorways. And we know they’d be there to help us see us through the tough times. But also to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and to see the sun rise on the successful mornings when everyone else is sleeping.

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