Is Abundance Hard Work?

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Is Abundance Hard Work?
Imagine this…

You have gazillions of tonnes of gold (or acres of diamonds) buried right under your garden.

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So here ’s a couple of options for you…

  1. Get a friend with heavy digging equipment to dig it up for you and pay him/ her a percentage of the treasure

  2. Dig it up yourself. (With your bare hands or a small spoon if you prefer)

Each option brings it’s own story. The second story proves that abundance is hard work. And many people will go to every possible means to prove that particular story.

The deeper truth is that hard work may or may not be present. But it definitely isn’t the actual key. It may exist in the after-story. It may not.

Far more critical. Far more enlightening is the question “Are you ready to allow love and abundance into your life?”


“Are you ready to see the acres of diamonds that are everywhere?”

What do you think? Ready to allow abundance into your life rather than file it away under “hard work”?

“Please leave your comments below. I would love to read them.”

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