Will you cast the spells or watch others do it?

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Will you cast the spells or watch others do it?
Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to watch the likes of Tony Robbins put on the fireworks display.

To stand in the glow and say “Ohh” and “Ahh”.

But we live in a very exciting age nowadays, don’t we?

I mean, it takes nothing for you to get your message out there to the world.

There’s literally no expense to writing an ebook or a powerful blog post.

And suddenly people will be reading your words, or listening to your ideas and basking in the glow of how good you made them feel.

In other words, maybe it’s your turn?

Here’s some ideas to give you a breakthrough…

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  1. Tell people how great their lives can become and prove it to them. Give them examples and stories from people who’ve overcome the odds.

People will be so grateful that you’ve recognised the potential in them and given them the hope and resources to go after something.

  1. Learn a skill that makes a measurable, delightful difference. Prove to yourself it works. Get an undeniable result and then teach the same skill to others. Even better give it a bit of a twist to make it uniquely yours.

  2. Learn to really listen to people. Listen 100% with both ears and with all of your heart. Listen to them like they’ve never been listened to before. Prove to them you’ve heard everything they’ve said. They’ll jump through hoops as a result. And that will mean their lives becoming richer and richer. And you’ll be seen as the shining star.

  3. Tell your story and talk about something your bad at. Everyone knows I walked out in front of a bus and got the almighty bang on the head when I was 11. And they all know not to give me a screwdriver or a hammer if they want a shelf they can show off to their mother in law.

People trust you when they see you’re not perfect.

  1. Find a sweet spot between something you’re passionate about and something that satisfies a huge public demand.

Like my awesome friend and colleague Christine who teaches a unique “emotional weight management” system. The whole world seems to want to lose weight. And she’s totally driven to help people really improve their health, lifestyle and minds.

So it’s a great fit. And of course, it’s taking off like a rocket.

I’m really just scratching the surface here but there’s enough ideas to get you started setting off your own firework display.

If you actually learn how to help people make the changes they’re desperate to make, you’ll be casting spells all day long. And everyone else will be watching YOU in awe.

It’s easier than you think 

I’ve worked as a professional NLP trainer and personal growth expert for over 20 years and have been creating breakthrough transformational technologies for even longer.

And, personally I’d love to help you with my Groundbreaking Law of Attraction Free Gift which has been proven in the real world and WILL help you to start casting your own magical spells out there to the Universe.

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Ed Lester - Abundance And Business Coach

As an experienced coach, trainer and entrepreneur with well over 20 years in practice, Ed is passionate about helping creative, ambitious people discover their true path and purpose by unleashing their unique source code (strengths and gifts).

He is dedicated to helping clients and students achieve and activate their desired lives of financial success and freedom based on growing great businesses and doing things they love and which make a positive difference for others.

His Law of Attraction approach is unlike any other. Decades of experience teaching hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching have led him to discover that, harnessed correctly, your subconscious mind has the power to overcome ANY problem and allow you to achieve ANY goal.

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