Stop going around in circles and take the shortcut out of your "Forest of Troubles"

Stop going around in circles
Of course we go around in circles.

We really do. A scientific study referenced by National Geographic has proven that it’s exactly what we do.

For instance, I’m sure Tony Robbins adores his “Dates with Destiny” and every aspect of his work.

But doesn’t even he occasionally look round the room and say “Haven’t I done this before?”

An elite basketball player scores so many times that he feels life is on constant repeat?

And it’s a good thing of course.

The real skill is to make sure the circles you’re going around in are the ones you choose to embrace and that fill your cup with joy.

We’re all repeating patterns and in some way, we’re all moving forward too.

Because here’s what happened with the National Geographic study…

Once GPS became a thing, the researcher attached tracking devices to a group of participants. And left them in the middle of a dense forest and a desert…

And they left them there just to see what happened.

And yes you guessed it.

The dots on the computer screen walked round and round in circles. Turns out that one wasn’t a myth.

But here’s what I believe (And I have a LOT of experiences that say it’s true)

Every time we go round in a circle we move closer to our true target.

Like an object orbiting a planet and being slowly sucked towards a gravitational pull.

It means that one way or another. In this lifetime or maybe in another further down the line…

We WILL figure things out. We WILL get to our true north. And fulfilment and destiny will be delivered.

At that point, when you’re living your best life, you’ll want to go round in circles.

It will be a blissful dance.

In the same way, the guys stuck in the forest will eventually find their way out. It may take 30 years though.

Wouldn’t it be easier to do yourself a favor and find some serious shortcuts? To stop repeating the same problems and mistakes and to avoid the cyclical route?

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