How to set goals in life when you don’t know what you want yet…

How to set goals in life when you don’t know what you want yet…
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My own feeling is that you should set a goal to always be putting one foot in front of the other. Always be striving towards something desirable and just out of reach (yet reachable at some future point in time). However, if you’re struggling to really know what you want, if you can’t simply conjure a goal out of thin air, then how about a simple shortcut to goal setting?

How about borrowing someone else’s goal? I promise they won’t mind.

For example, take a look at the list below.

There are 546 of these exciting and wide-ranging goals:

  • Go through and align with those that light you up the most
  • Try them all on for size and grab your favorite few
  • Write them down on paper
  • Edit and play with them
  • Customize and make them your own

Then pin them on the wall next to your vision board…or a photo of the renovated windmill by the sea you’re going to be able to buy sometime soon.

And savor the journey of achieving them!

546 Incredible Life Goals

1. Expand my thinking beyond what I am conditioned to conceive of

2. Delegate more effectively so that I have more time to work on what matters most

3. Lose weight without orienting my life around it

4. Develop a financial plan to become financially independent at age____

5. Change my relationship with food from comfort to sustenance

6. Change my approach from selling to telling and from telling to modeling

7. Learn how to set up a website that showcases myself and my services/company

8. Become masterful with sending and receiving all forms of email

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9. Improve the quality of my home life

10. Take much more time for me instead of living too much for others

11. Take charge of my life instead of letting other people run it for me

12. Become unconditionally constructive in everything I say

13. Design a lifestyle that makes me incredibly happy

14. Improve the profitability of my company by at least

15. Expand my network to include the finest professionals in 100 different fields

16. Stop pushing for individual sales and start investing in lifetime buying relationships

17. Goof off and not feel guilty about it

18. Communicate so well that people respond immediately

19. Turn my time into an asset — 1440 ‘assets’ a day

20. Eliminate or reduce adrenaline in my life so I don’t burn myself and others up

21. Redesign my life so that it’s oriented around vacations, not work

22. Increase by ability to process more information without getting overwhelmed

23. Accelerate my personal evolution

24. Feel a lot better about myself and my family

25. Reduce the amount of conflict in my life so that I can relax

26. Increase the amount of money I have in savings

27. Start a new business and avoid the common learning curve

28. Identify the triggers that cause adrenaline, before they get me wired

29. Start reading the books that will help you evolve instead of merely develop

30. Design my path of personal development.

31. Reduce what I am tolerating at work

32. Clean out the clutter in my closets, draws and garage

33. Learn how to ask the right questions in any selling situation

34. Create a buying environment instead of a selling environment

35. Learn how to make more money in the New Economy

36. Discover what is causing dissonance in my life

37. Become cyber and Internet literate without having to struggle through the process

38. Come to endorse my worst weakness as my biggest strength

39. Be able to look at any problem and see an opportunity, without wearing rose colored glasses

40. Have more patience, especially when I have none


41. Walk my talk without strutting

42. Become a Toleration-Free Zone

43. Strengthen my Personal Foundation so that the underpinnings of my life are rock solid

44. Add value to my customers and clients, just for the joy of it

45. Identify the unique skills and talents that I know are waiting to be leveraged

46. Eliminate delay, so I don’t miss opportunities

47. Stop procrastinating and be ‘inventory-free’

48. Toss out my to-do list (or to create one)

49. Expand my vocabulary so that I can better express myself in any situation

50. Stop whining and start winning

51. Find the career that is no longer work

52. Play with my kids everyday instead of when I have time

53. Identify every source of stress in my life and either reduce or eliminate it

54. Put my family first without having to put myself second

55. Learn how to give people what want, without it costing me anything

56. Evolve from win-lose to win-win in my thinking

57. Design values-based goals instead of whim- based goals

58. Stop taking live so darn seriously

59. Give others the experienced of being heard, instead of just being listened to

60. Increase my bandwidth in order to handle more input

61. React less and respond more

62. Clean up my life and start clean

63. Start over

64. Discover my personal values and orient my life around these

65. Identify and eliminate 10 tolerations in the next 10 days

66. Create a perfect life

67. Become self-actualized

68. Write a book without the pain

69. Develop a LifePlan and start living it

70. Make the personal changes I have not been able to make on my own

71. Get focused

72. Blow up the blocks standing in the path to success

73. Start taking the path of least resistance instead of working against life

74. Increase the momentum in life so that I am carried forward instead of pushing myself

75. Find a better way to motivate myself

76. Stop watching Jay Leno and get to bed earlier

77. Throw out my television set

78. Move to the country because I want to

79. Make a significant personal decision

80. Create a business plan without taking 3

months to do so

81. Get in the habit of flossing daily

82. Get the support I need to visit the dentist

83. Get the nudge I need to hire a house cleaner so I don’t have to do it

84. Improve my attitude so I’m always positive, naturally

85. Take more chances

86. Change my relationship with risk

87. Develop a reserve of time during my day

88. Get out of a rut.

89. Do a personal makeover

90. Improve what I see in the mirror

91. Keep me on track around using Nautilus 3 times per week

92. Better identify the people who are really good for me, and who are not

93. Extend my boundaries without setting up walls

94. Strengthen my character so I am really proud of who I am

95. Become more sensitive with people who need that from me

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96. Stop micromanaging people

97. Bring in 5 new clients a month

98. Make a million dollars next year

99. Become a saver and therefore start saving because I enjoy it

100. Reduce my credit card debt much faster than I am currently

101. Get control over my spending

102. Build a “team” with my area managers

103. Spend more time in the garden

104. Spend more time at the beach

105. Spend more time

106. Learn how to practice Extreme Self Care.

107. Increase my havingness level to that I can maintain my success

108. Simplify everything

109. Get back to exercising: 40 sit-ups and 20 push- ups per day

110. Be able to meet men and women and not get anxious about it

111. Book at least 5 selling appointments in the next 10 days

112. Help me identify my unique selling proposition and my label

113. Close ten new clients in next 90 days

114. Start an email-based weekly newsletter to expand my network

115. Easily ask for what I want

116. Become a very direct and confident communicator

117. Tell the truth instead of what people want to hear.

118. Increase my awareness

119. Slow down to enjoy the weather and take in the wonder of everyday life

120. Spend less time in the future and more time enjoying the present

121. Design my winning formula

122. Reduce business expenses by $20,000

123. Increase business by 20% without spending more on advertising

124. Identify three specific goals that light me up for next year

125. Get clear on my values and align my goals with them

126. Create an inspiring project where I will touch at least 100 people per month

127. Launch a national organization

128. Become a better team leader so employees love their jobs

129. Create a sales program for a new niche

130. Let go of the people in my life who drain my energy

131. Create a personal health plan that includes exercise

132. Take more days off

133. Plan three wonderful vacations for next year

134. Set clear boundaries and train those around me to treat me with respect

135. Begin a financial independence plan

136. Save $100,000 next year

137. Take a day every week to renew and rejuvenate

138. Develop a national reputation for what I do well


139. Brainstorm and prioritize the best ideas to use in my business

140. Work 25% less hours without making less

141. Become a person who smiles almost all of the time

142. Write to someone with whom I have unfinished business

143. Apologize to someone to whom it is very difficult

144. Ask my partner to give three hours of his time per week, to release me to do something I really enjoy

145. Discover what makes me tick

146. Bring balance to work, home, community and personal time over a three months

147. Start running each morning

148. Decrease body fat percentage by 10% within six months

149. Upgrade all computer programs within three months

150. Stop smoking completely within three months

151. Stop over-promising and making commitments

152. Complete a tough project on time

153. Pay off car loan one year early

154. Buy a new car within 6 months

155. Buy a house within one year

156. Quit my job to work from home within two years

157. Become a telecommuter

158. Go half-time at work

159. Redecorate house in 6 months

160. Negotiate a 10% raise next evaluation

161. Learn five skills to better communicate with my children

162. Learn five skills to better communicate with my spouse

163. Establish one delicious habit and do it every day

164. Rebuild my life after a loss

165. Bring romance back into my marriage within90 days

166. Discover my life purpose and begin setting goals to live it within 90 days

167. Become more efficient without becoming a machine

168. Return to school to pursue a graduate degree.

169. Get married within five years

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170. Expand business to sell products over the Internet

171. Take a trip to Europe

172. Go on a safari

173. Own a boat

174. Stop fibbing and lying completely within three months

175. Build meditation and yoga into daily schedule.

176. Achieve assigned sales numbers one week prior to end of month to avoid rushing for sales the last week

177. Spend 10% less money monthly

178. Identify 101 things I love to do and do one each day

179. Decrease time spent paying bills

180. Increase personal time by four hours a week within one month

181. Enroll in a cooking class

182. Take scuba lessons and go on a Caribbean dive

183. Discard unnecessary household and personal items within three months

184. Discard items cluttering office and desk within one month

185. Establish three things I am passionate about as priorities in my life within six months

186. Drop three clothing sizes within six months

187. Fit into those 32-inch Levis within six months

188. Go on a guilt-free shopping spree

189. Pay back money owed to friends within 6 months

190. Stop complaining within 14 days

191. Shift/release a sabotaging belief within 60 days

192. Reconcile credit report within 6 months

193. Establish and enforce boundaries within a relationship

194. Reduce number of credit cards to three in 18 months

195. Move into a larger apartment within nine months

196. Visit grandparents out-of-state within the year

197. Design a class or TeleClass and market it within six months

198. Allow one day out of each month to do something I really want to do

199. Organize my pension, will, life insurance and mortgage papers within 60 days

200. Meet with a Financial Advisor twice a year to keep finances updated to set goals on a weekly basis

201. Genuinely thank people who help me, daily

202. Reestablish a lost relationship

203. Call up one member of my family per week, just to say hi.

204. Pay off mortgage within five years

205. Be prepared for a holiday season (eg, Christmas) at least one month before the holiday begins

206. Train a pet to consistently perform a desired action on command

207. Reorient personal and professional life completely around values (not wants and needs) within three years

208. Join Toastmasters and complete first ten speeches within six months

209. Develop two new profit centers in my business within one month

210. Trash 100 megabytes of stuff I don’t need on my computer

211. Clean out/purge all home and work files this month

212. Get my hair cut and styled the way I really want it and the way that is most attractive for me

213. Say “no” 5 times this week

214. Keep the gas tank in my vehicle at least half full at all times

215. Join and participate in those networking groups that will assist in business and personal life

216. Disentangle from those organizations that do not add value to business or personal life within one month

217. Learn how to use a computer

218. Develop a sense of style

219. Take a world tour

220. Improve my reputation among my colleagues.

221. Attract the mate of my dreams

222. Become Ms Right instead of searching for Mr. Right


223. Turn my ideas into revenue streams

224. Clean up where I get my energy from

225. Reduce the friction in my life by finding the right oil

226. Develop a reserve of opportunities so I don’t have to look for them

227. Build a personal support network of people with similar interests

228. Learn how to attract business instead of constantly marketing for it

229. Design a personal development plan for my children

230. Deepen my relationships with my friends

231. Delight my customers, not just please them

232. Become a more respectful person of other peoples’ ways

233. Keep my word

234. Be accountable for results

235. Enjoy responsibility instead of trying to avoid it

236. Clarify my professional commitments

237. Become an adult in every sense of the word

238. Learn how to say no without turning people off

239. Make it clear to people what I require of them

240. Reorganize my office and work environment

241. Automate and delegate almost every aspect of my personal tasks and chores

242. Get more done, but slow the pace of how I’m working

243. Increase my self-esteem

244. Balance my personal, family and business lives

245. Better integrate what I already have

246. Reduce the roles I am for others

247. Become a lot more creative in what I do

248. Prioritize my time so that I don’t feel rushed and exhausted

249. Trust my inklings more

250. Turn my intuition into my primary decision-making system

251. Develop a marketing strategy for my business

252. Build my personal brand

253. Free myself from my beliefs

254. Come to accept that which I resist

255. Become a better writer

256. Speak in a lazer-like fashion

257. Become an effective public speaker

258. Find my voice and speak confidently

259. Distinguish truth from b.s. in every situation, instantly

260. Become a proacive person who never waits

261. Develop grace

262. Improve the relationship I have with my husband

263. Improve the relationship I have with my spouse

264. Improve the relationship I have with my wife

265. Improve the relationship I have with my children

266. Improve the relationship I have with my son

267. Improve the relationship I have with my daughter

268. Improve the relationship I have with my father

269. Improve the relationship I have with my mother

270. Improve the relationship I have with my siblings

271. Improve the relationship I have with my in-laws

272. Improve the relationship I have with my neighbors

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273. Improve the relationship I have with my boss

274. Improve the relationship I have with my colleagues

275. Improve the relationship I have with my clients

276. Improve the relationship I have with my coworkers

277. Improve the relationship I have with my minister

278. Become a better manager

279. Become a leader, not just a manager

280. Prepare my business for sale

281. Learn how to give advice without turning people off

282. Enjoy being human instead of trying to perfect myself

283. Identify what slows me down

284. Develop a marketing engine for my business

285. Increase the number of referrals I receive

286. Learn how to make requests that are accepted and fulfilled

287. Distinguish symptoms from sources when dealing with a situation

288. Become incredibly selfish

289. Sensitize myself so that I feel things when they occur versus afterward

290. Lighten up

291. Deprogram myself from other people’s plans for me

292. Understand the relationship between memes

and genes

293. Find my area of specialization or professional niche

294. Find a way to delegate my weaknesses so I can focus on my strengths

295. Transition smoothly to a new field

296. Shift the paradigm in which I exist

297. Perfect my environment so that it brings out my best

298. Create a vacuum, which pulls me forward

299. Affect people profoundly

300. Position my services or products into the marketplace

301. Evolve from rational, logical and linear to operating well in a state of chaos

302. Be causal, instead of reactive

303. Buff up my body

304. Buff up my life

305. Develop The Edge in order to close a sale or make my point

306. Become part of a spiritual community

307. Develop compassion for people who I currently criticize

308. Learn to dance better with events vs being so rigid

309. Be able to think abstractly instead of just logically

310. Come to enjoy change vs resist or dislike it

311. Reduce the emotional costs of my business or practice

312. Become a much more endorsing and encouraging person

313. Listen very, very well

314. Develop marketing materials for my business

315. Package my products and services better

316. Develop 10 profit centers instead of just one

317. Complete a project with less stress

318. Be sustainably motivated instead of operating in fits and starts

319. Become wise

320. Always have enough clean clothes, no matter what

321. Turn my bedroom into a place where I sleep perfectly

322. Have something to look forward to each evening

323. Not resist getting up in the morning

324. Get enough physical touch so I don’t shrivel up

325. Have a home that is always perfectly clean and organized

326. Improve the lighting everywhere in my home/office so that there is no strain

327. Have my teeth cosmetically perfected


328. Be able to recover quickly in case I lose my wallet or purse

329. Keep my computer backed up, daily

330. Pay my bills early, always

331. Walk away from people who do not respect me

332. Never force myself to do anything that I don’t want to

333. Rearrange my investments so that I don’t lose sleep over them

334. Get the quality rest I need

335. Have more than enough confidence in virtually every situation

336. Always ask for more than what I need, as a habit.

337. Improve my judgment

338. Always arrive early and never feel rushed

339. Eliminate all that distracts me during my day

340. Multitask, easily

341. Protect myself from the physical/environment risks of life

342. Develop a rewarding life outside of work.

343. Hire a coach to helps me achieve what I want

344. Organize my files perfectly

345. Always be well-groomed

346. Stay ‘present’ throughout the day

347. Speak without a ‘charge’ to my voice

348. Stop gossiping

349. Stop making promises, even if I feel I should

350. Stop doing errands and contract this out

351. Reduce volunteer activities that are getting in my way

352. Face a difficult legal, financial or tax matter

353. Become aware of energy flows between me and others

354. Deepen my relationship to God

355. Deepen my relationship with Jesus

356. Treat my body like the temple that it is

357. Toss out all of the clothes that don’t make me look great

358. Learn to collaborate with people, instead of debate or argue

359. Break the past sabotaging patterns that I’ve had

360. Become more open and available to all that is already around me

361. Learn how to get someone instead of just listening or hearing them

362. Learn coaching skills that I can use with my family and customers.

363. Get a handle on what’s coming, given how fast the world is change.

364. Have interdevelopmental relationships, not just interdependent ones.

365. Raise my standards.

366. Understand the basics of running a successful business.

367. Identify the features and benefits that I offer my customers/clients.

368. Evolve beyond being productive and to become effective.

369. Master my craft rather than just being an expert in it.

370. Become fearless.

371. Evolve from peace to a life of harmony.

372. Arrange to have all my bills paid automatically.

373. Design a system to complete projects two days before the deadline.

374. Take up cooking

375. Establish a family planning center in my


376. Increase productivity by 25% in six months.

377. Determine causes of procrastination and develop new skills.

378. Design each room of my home so that it complements the vision and purpose

379. Implement a low-stress move or relocation

380. Free up two extra hours of time each day

381. Develop a motivational plan to lose twenty pounds in three months, safely

382. Discover the root causes of “stuckness” and implement a plan for becoming unstuck

383. Design a consistent discipline plan for my toddler

384. Incorporate two acts of love per day toward my mate

385. Establish a daily “dreamwork” time

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386. Cut television viewing to 45 minutes a day or less

387. Design an annual physical maintenance program (doctors, dentists, etc.)

388. Free my mind of clutter by establishing a recording and action system

389. Free up $200-500/month for my own self- improvement

390. Be able to put my hands on most of the regularly used information in my office in two minutes or less

391. Communicate love to my children in ways that are personally meaningful to them

392. Establish and follow a seasonal shopping schedule to take advantage of seasonal sales

393. Develop a phone call return system to ensure that calls are returned within 4 hours if they are important.

394. Attract a soul mate

395. Define the top ten qualities I am looking for in a soul mate

396. Decrease stress level by 20 points in 90 days.

397. Become an “intrapreneur” in my organization by creating a small business idea and “selling” it to the decision-makers

398. Obtain a more senior position in my organization in less than six months

399. Implement two new personal habits each month

400. Maintain a daily quiet time

401. Clarify my top ten values and use them as a decision-making compass

402. Cultivate a circle of five close friends

403. Develop a plan to free up two evenings a week

404. Double my income in two years

405. Set up a one-year program toward taking a dream vacation

406. Cut budget/spending by 25%

407. Increase productivity in staff members by 30%.

408. Develop a system for recording and tracking my artistic or business ideas.

409. Implement a schedule for acting on ideas

410. Incrementally increase salary over the next year

411. Choose and take the self-assessment tools that would be of maximum benefit.

412. Define the legacy I wish to leave

413. Discover a meaningful and rewarding career

414. Reduce problem-solving time by 50%

415. Refine the elements of my business plan

416. Design a customer service satisfaction survey that takes me to the heart of my customers’ needs

417. Attract a client base that earns 25% more than current client base

418. Turn dreams into goals

419. Rearrange budget and food spending patterns in order to hire a personal chef three months from now

420. Develop five personalized ways to say “no” to others in firmness and love

421. Get ahead of office equipment maintenance, reducing lost time by 30%

422. Eliminate major blocks to creativity

423. Eliminate 90% of office interruptions

424. Expand circle of influence by 50 people

425. Develop an annual goal-setting system

426. Increase customer retention by 25%

427. Learn to quickly identify people and situations that are not best for me

428. Navigate a successful transition for my staff

429. Identify, personalize and memorize my vision

430. Increase Rolodex by 100 strong people

431. Reduce down time caused by adjustment to change by 50% 432. Reduce time commitments by 30%


433. Learn to make a point in fifteen words or less

434. Design and implement an exercise program

435. Develop the habit of daily flossing

436. Set standards for a clutter-free living environment

437. Set up a plan for the mastery of a new hobby

438. Add two pleasurable activities to my daily routine

439. Understand what drives and motivates me

440. Understand why I relate with people the way I do

441. Understand how I learn so that I can learn more easily

442. Understand my basic interests and how they affect my choices

443. Discover my fashion type and how it impacts other areas of my life

444. Design a customized reading plan

445. Discover my Enneagram type

446. Discover my Myers-Briggs type

447. Discover my DISC profile

448. Organize my closets

449. Design a personalized filing system

450. Set up a “90 Days to a Simpler Life” Plan

451. Increase the speed of people’s response to my needs 452. Add grace and beauty to my life through the Arts

453. Learn to have an Edge with people and events

454. Implement a personal prioritizing system to accomplish Important rather than simply urgent things

455. Double my standards

456. Improve my skin tone

457. Develop a plan to deal with all undone details of my life

458. Develop a daily habit of journaling feelings

459. Learn how to effectively communicate feelings to my spouse

460. Eliminate 20% of my problems

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461. Stop using caffeine within 30 days

462. Stop using sugar within 30 days

463. Implement a tailor-made nutritional plan

464. Develop a list of 5 boundaries that increase my quality of life

465. Increase my energy level

466. Set boundaries and standards for the type of relationship I will have with my parents

467. Increase my job satisfaction so that I look forward to going to work

468. Develop a plan to implement the truest value into my life 469. Get that I can be both a good person and a good boss.

470. Get complete on relationships

471. Work through a career change

472. Get clear on priorities

473. Deal with and recover from burnout

474. Enjoy life more

475. Take on greater challenges at work

476. Become better at developing rapport with others

477. Deal with fears and concerns in a relationship

478. Manage time more effectively

479. Determine priorities

480. Explore/understand feelings and beliefs

481. Get my personal life in order

482. Strengthen my spiritual life

483. Overcome my fear of rejection

484. Deal better with interruptions

485. Develop the ability to say no and stick with it.

486. Discover the inner peace that I know is possible

487. Surrender and accept what has happened that I am resisting 488. Catch myself within a minute whenever I stop over something

489. Become a participator in life, not just an observer

490. Come up with a focus that expresses my values and uses my strengths

491. Stop trying to control everything and everyone

492. Identify a theme for my left in the coming year and orient my goals around that

493. Develop a morning routine that I totally enjoy

494. Let go of 10 ‘shoulds’ that I’ve created for myself

495. Let go of people who are holding me back

496. Lessen the strain I put on people

497. Put people and relationships ahead of results

498. Develop more confidence in myself

499. Stop explaining myself

500. Stop justifying my actions


501. Stop selling or seducing others

502. Reduce how much I am drinking

503. Stop smoking

504. Resolve whatever childhood damage, causing pain today

505. Start investing in the stock market

506. Create an outrageous business goal and enlist support to reach it

507. Start writing a journal to express my thoughts and feelings

508. Subscribe to forward-thinking magazines

509. Learn to pace myself

510. Increase my ability to want and desire

511. Improve my self-esteem and self-worth

512. Learn to share the credit and glory of my accomplishments

513. Get completely free of what binds me

514. Always be 10 minutes early and never rushed

515. Start using a time management system

516. Stop tailgating

517. Hire someone to do my laundry

518. Maintain zero credit card debt

519. Be content with myself and my life; to stop striving

520. Become wise in this lifetime

521. Expand what I see as possible

522. Reconcile my life with humanity

523. Be ready to die at any moment, without regrets.

524. Become internally motivated

525. Learn to condition change instead of forcing it on others

526. Develop self-respect

527. Put jumper cables in my car’s trunk

528. Have AAA (auto club) or equivalent

529. Have the right Internet Service Provider

530. Put all the serial numbers for my computer’s software in a safe place

531. Have an attorney on retainer in case something really bad happens to me

532. Have my tax return completed by February 15th each year

533. Have a facelift if I want one

534. Hire a personal trainer

535. Start having fresh flowers in my home and office

536. Plan the next year by the end of the previous November 537. Know a professional gift service for last minute solutions

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538. Have a tailor/seamstress available to repair my clothes

539. Know a plumber I can call on a moment’s notice

540. Install an alarm system in my house, so I can rest easily

541. Have my car washed each week

542. Call California Closets and have my closets redone

543. Have a virtual assistant on call to handle stuff I don’t want to do

544. Have healthy food delivered, so I don’t have to cook when I don’t want to

545. Have a weekly manicure

546. Get Rolfed

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(By the way, this list of goals was also borrowed from Coachville. It’s © copyright )

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