One thing...So hard to see...So powerful to experience

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One thing...So hard to see...So powerful to experience
An intriguing question…

Does a butterfly get to see it’s own wings?
Possibly, possibly not.
The truth is nobody’s ever asked her. So it’s anyone’s guess.
Clearly though, for the fortnight that she’s alive, her focus is on two things…
Eating (sucking nectar through a straw) and mating.
Time is short. Stopping to look in the mirror is not on the agenda.

And even if it was, would it really make any difference?

Us human’s look in the mirror and sometimes it disturbs us.

It shouldn’t of course. It should light us up.

We should see ourselves and feel a sense of truth and awe.

Instead we shrug our shoulders.

So here’s your mission should you choose to accept it…

Look a little deeper into the mirror (every day, it takes practice)

And soon, you’ll start to see something else. Something profound.

It’s called your source code. It consists of your unique energy and purpose.

It’s the thing we see in our beautiful children and grandchildren.

We never question it or analyse it.

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We just say “Isn’t Becky a kind child. Watch how she comforts the other kids when they cry.”

Or, “Watch Frank playing with the insects. He’s such a little scientist.”

For now, Becky and Frank accept who they are. They carry on playing and laughing.

But just like the butterfly that is blind to it’s beauty, so they might one day forget to look in the mirror and see their wings too.

Luckily, source code CAN be rediscovered and you can shine in your glory again.

Don’t be stuck. Be FREE.

Be free by releasing that ONE thing onto the world.

The one thing that nobody else can replicate…experience…or paint masterpieces with.


My true and heartfelt wish for you today.

Be unique…celebrate it…use it to lead you to abundance

(Your thoughts?)

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Ed Lester - Abundance And Business Coach

As an experienced coach, trainer and entrepreneur with well over 20 years in practice, Ed is passionate about helping creative, ambitious people discover their true path and purpose by unleashing their unique source code (strengths and gifts).

He is dedicated to helping clients and students achieve and activate their desired lives of financial success and freedom based on growing great businesses and doing things they love and which make a positive difference for others.

His Law of Attraction approach is unlike any other. Decades of experience teaching hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching have led him to discover that, harnessed correctly, your subconscious mind has the power to overcome ANY problem and allow you to achieve ANY goal.

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