How compromise happens...

How compromise happens
A familiar thought process.

We get invited to a fancy dress costume party.

Immediately we think “Who can I go as?

“What will be easy/ achievable”

“Well I mean…I already have half the things I need including the Charlie Chaplin moustache and cane”…

In the background a second voice whispers

“Who would I LOVE to go as?”

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Unfortunately that voice often loses because it’s message is too ambitious, complicated or just “plain old hard”.

And thats a shame.

But what about if we change the process to a 2-step dance?

  1. What if you start with “Who EXACTLY do I want to be?”… “Which dream do I actually want to be living?”


  1. Figure out the easiest, quickest and most fun way to make it happen.

If we did that, not just for dress up parties, but for life in general…

Surely everyone would be a winner?

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