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It was a very exciting thing… A road trip with no plan. Just fuel. Some friends. Some time on our hands. Close your eyes and stick a pin in a map. Or how about you go to a restaurant with a great chef but no menu? “Just bring out whatever you want. I’ll eat it. Even if it’s deep fried grasshoppers. I won’t know and it’s going to be delicious anyway.

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Be Your Best

Here’s an interesting fact that relates very closely to the topic of Law of Attraction—and using the power of your mind to always do (and be) your best. When I was in the Cub Scouts I was a somewhat “difficult” child for the cub leaders. Luckily my Dad ran the cubs soccer team. (I think that’s why I was never thrown out). Every week they made us swear to “Do our best”.

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Transformation within 24 hours

I feel different to how I felt yesterday. Maybe it was the new brand of tea I drank? Or I guess I could have just had a good night’s sleep. But either way, I feel much refreshed… My eyes are a little more wide open and I’m sure something big and exciting is going to happen today. Did you ever wake up feeling that way? Reborn almost… Isn’t it an awesome thing… to have your eyes wide open and full of possibility?

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