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Abundance Haikus - Law of Attraction and the poetry of personal breakthroughs

Welcome to the amazing world of the Abundance Haiku… In this blog post you’ll find energetic poetry which will help you with whatever you are searching for. - More inspiration - More motivation and focus - Self belief and confidence - Powerful transformation Poetry of Transformation… The Abundance Haiku can change your vibration immediately. When you share them with others, they can get the immediate energy and focus shifts too.

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Do you have to be as cool as the Fonz in order to manifest unlimited abundance? Not necessarily. But I’m pretty certain 99% of people I meet and work with could do with bringing down the intensity just a little. In other words, the energy of “make this work” is sometimes more effective when a little bit of “let it be” energy is sprinkled in there too. Manifestation is a combination of focus and faith and powerful intentions…Yes.

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Two ways of looking at it

THEY say “fake it till you make it” WE say “live in your true energy” Two ways of saying EXACTLY the same thing. Me. I choose truth. Which one will you carry in your heart today? PS We have this guy in New Zealand. He’s called Aaron Cruden. He’s an All Black (NZ Rugby team) It’s the closest thing to a rock superstar you can get here. At 19 he was one of the best young players in the country.

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