The Secret

This may be a tough message for some but it’s sent with love and I know the right people will totally get it. It’s also not guesswork. It comes from decades in the trenches taking people through the same process again and again. (and loving it) - #hint there are three clues already in the sentences above) Here’s the thing… All the training, instruction, advice, tips, step-by-step instructions in the world are not going to get you to abundance.

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Swiss Made Mindset

I remember as a kid, you knew that a watch or clock was awesome if it was “Swiss Made” Swiss stood for quality, accuracy and expensive. If you watched Carl Lewis winning the 100m sprint on TV, you could only trust the clock if it said “Swiss Timing” in the left hand corner of the screen. If it was “anything else timing” then you probably couldn’t trust it.

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The Pain Isn't What You Think It is

A few years ago I was running a training seminar. After 4 days on my feet, pacing around the front of the room, I started to experience back pain and stiffness. A highly respected personal trainer in the room privately mentioned to me that she’d noticed I was looking uncomfortable. “I know you think your back’s the problem. But it’s not” she said. She explained my issue was that my posture was wrong.

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