Lying on a beach somewhere

The other day I took the day off work. Me and the family took a vote on what to do. Majority decision, we went to the beach. Ruth and the kids were dancing around playing in the waves and calling for me to come and join in the fun. But I ignored them (in the nicest possible way). The thing is, I just wanted to lie there in the sunshine with my eyes closed and drift.

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Reverse Engineer Yourself (The singing birds)

Every day, as humans, we achieve things. The problem is we don’t always get what we want. For instance, zoom into a picture of the last 24 hours. What was the result of your days efforts and journey? Was it perfect? Good? So-So? Disappointing? Now zoom out to a picture of the last 12 months… Same thing. What did you do since this time last year? What did you get?

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Don’t give yourself prickly flowers…

Roses growing naturally have thorns for a reason. To protect them from herbivores in the wild. This is known as a “physical defence” However, when you hand someone a rose you’ll want to remove the thorns first, so the flower becomes harmless. And the gift can be fully enjoyed. This principle applies to ANY gift. Including the gifts you give to yourself! Ed LesterTransformational Coach

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