Allowing ourselves to dream

Allowing ourselves to dream
“Meditation is not thinking about the image of a person of the past. It is more about focusing and channelizing the power of your emotions and imagination for fulfilling a bigger dream - the dream that will bring more life, energy peace, happiness and meaning to you and the society.”
Amit Ray

There are millions of amazing places in your mind.

They have to exist in one form or another. Even in an energetic or visualized form.

One of these places is your perception of your future reality.

A common misconception is that if you don’t dare to dream, then this inner-movie screen is empty.

It simply can’t be true. The mind is conditioned to never focus on nothing.

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So if a person doesn’t play the movies of their future goals, the mind will simply play out their fears…or settling for mediocre…or some other personal growth B movie.

By default, many end up projecting yesterdays movies onto tomorrows screen. This creates predictable and disappointing results.

For many, a powerful breakthrough comes in life, the moment they decide to promote themselves to the role of cinema projectionist.

This gives them the power to always be filling the mind with positive outcomes and future realities. Outcomes that shine like diamonds and sing with joy like the birds.

The famous plastic surgeon and author of “PsychoCybernetics”, Dr Maxwell Maltz understood this when he developed his game-changing technology “Theatre of the mind”

With what’s available to us nowadays, you and I can take his transformation concept to an infinitely higher level with our creative power. And we’ll enjoy manifesting future lives most people just don’t dare to dream of.

Crystalize and attract the future you really want. Not the one other people say you should settle for.

And have an amazing day!

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