A note on being true to yourself

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A note on being true to yourself
Every day I F’up in one way or another.

We all do if we’re honest.

It makes us human. The times we embrace our blunders are the times we’re lucky enough to learn from them.

Here’s something I learned a long time ago. My emails are family friendly. If I swear too much or too directly, people stop reading them. (Father Ted style cussing is fine)

However, if I was Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef, I would be expected to swear profusely and in the old fashioned style.

In fact, if he broadcast a show and there was no bad language, I think his viewers would subconsciously switch off.

“Oh no, I didn’t feckin like that episode at all. If you ask me he was completely off form this week”

And it surfaces a very interesting fact.

It’s not what you do. It’s how true your actions are to who you are.

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When you know yourself, how the world sees you, and what you really stand for, life becomes so much easier.

Life becomes more peaceful. Stress flies out the window.

When you deeply know yourself, you settle blissfully into your happy place in the world.

And before you know it you can have as much money in your bank as a celebrity chef.

You can do want you want at that point. You can write your own ticket. You can contribute and help others in any way you choose.

How to get to that place?

The dream envelope is a powerful introspection, clarity and manifestation tool I would highly recommend you use.

It will help you become who you always truly were. And get you across the bridge to confidence and fulfilment.

Swearing and cussing is optional.

Have a wonderful day!


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Ed Lester - Abundance And Business Coach

As an experienced coach, trainer and entrepreneur with well over 20 years in practice, Ed is passionate about helping creative, ambitious people discover their true path and purpose by unleashing their unique source code (strengths and gifts).

He is dedicated to helping clients and students achieve and activate their desired lives of financial success and freedom based on growing great businesses and doing things they love and which make a positive difference for others.

His Law of Attraction approach is unlike any other. Decades of experience teaching hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching have led him to discover that, harnessed correctly, your subconscious mind has the power to overcome ANY problem and allow you to achieve ANY goal.

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