The Truth About Motivation And Procrastination

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The Truth About Motivation And Procrastination
Here’s the thing about procrastination…

It’s a very real thing.

Externally it may show up as laziness or low energy. But it’s not an absence of energy as so many think.

Procrastination is a very definite subconscious strategy for avoiding pain.

But what it really boils down to is avoiding something that could be painful. Something that triggers the awful feelings from something that went wrong in the past.

Sure, lots of my clients procrastinate. I do it sometimes too, I’ll freely admit.

But I have numerous strategies for working with it and turning it into a productive thing.

Put it this way. I spoke with a client of mine yesterday. She’s very successful by most people’s estimation but she’s totally blocked on her next step.

I asked her the following question…

“If you knew that by committing to a certain set of actions and running at your goals - working long hours, taking a risk or a leap, you would attract a million dollars into your life by this time next week, would you go for it?”

Her answer…

“Of course!”

My next question.

What if it was 3 years?

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She paused and found it hard to answer (Internally I could tell she’d crept back under the procrastination shell.)

The thing is, 3 years is painful. A few days is not.

So I guess the truly powerful way to get motivated is as follows…

  1. Define Success The kind that YOU choose for YOUR life. Not somebody else’s definition which may not suit you.

  2. Act as if it’s guaranteed What would you do if your success was 100% certain? What would happen if you did those things anyway?

  3. Enjoy every blessed moment If it’s fun and an adventure, what’s to procrastinate about?

Truly successful and abundant people do these three things anyway. That’s what freedom is really all about.

Is every day a big party and rainbows?

Of course not.

But the journey is more fulfilling that anything most people can imagine.

And you can’t buy that kind of motivation and energy in any bottle, book or box of tricks.

It comes from your heart and your soul.

I’ve worked as a professional NLP trainer and personal growth expert for over 20 years and have been creating breakthrough transformational technologies for even longer.

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