There are no limits

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There are no limits
Maybe you remember the days of the digital watch?

It was all very clever and each new innovation caused a sharp intake of breath and a unbelievable “Wow”!

“Let me grab your wrist. I need to see that more closely”

I certainly remember when my friend Mark Lane proudly showed me his new watch with sensational alarm beep capabilities.

We stood there waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

And then…

Instead of your standard beep, the watch sang out a glorious pattern of beeps. It sang “Yellow Rose of Texas”. And we all danced around ecstatically.

And apparently there were another 17 alternative majestic beep tunes. The joy of being 11!

Anyway, to cut a long story short.

Digital watches vanished like the dodo.


Because eventually the illusion faded. And we all realised what we really wanted was beautiful timepieces with minute hands and second hands and the old “ticking tocking” feelings.

We also watched TV Sci Fi shows where the people of the future enjoyed TV on their watches! THAT was the ULTIMATE impossible dream of the future. (If you were there, you’re nodding, because you remember this dream)

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The only thing is, of course, the wrist watch with live TV came along. But nobody wanted it because you couldn’t see anything.

“What tennis ball?”

“Subtitles for freakin ants?”

It was rubbish.

We soon discovered Skype video or Funny Cats on a 500 inch computer screen was SO much more Wow!

And likewise, maybe it’s that we’ve all been carrying around our future “Wow” goals for years and years but in fact, they’re not really the things we want.

Maybe setting goals the right way and getting clarity on what’s REALLY going to make you happy and fulfilled, is the way to go.

The digital watches and TV on the phone turned out to be red herrings.

And, the reason a dream life remains frustratingly elusive for many is that they haven’t formed the clear vision of what that dream experience will be like.

So go and create the future you REALLY want for yourself. Do it now. You deserve it. It’s going to be better than you ever imagined.

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